会期中に展示した写真- 1
The photographs displayed during the session- Part 1.

The exhibition hall ・"MIRAI" the second floor terrace.

各鉱山・炭鉱位置図 足尾商業案内便覽圖(大正5年発行・完全復刻版)・表面と裏面
テーブルに写真集・藍の時代 足尾のスナップ写真アルバム66枚

三池のスナップ写真アルバム50枚 端島のスナップ写真アルバム120枚

各鉱山・炭鉱の資料などのレジメ ※ビデオ・便覽圖以外はすべてモノクロ写真

Abstract (Japanese, English translation),
Fifteen sheets of photographs (A3) of each Mines, Coal Mines mark.

Each Mines figure, Coal Mines position,
ncluding a map of the whole area of Ashio in its prime
(1916・a perfect reprinted edition)
,Surface and back,
a monitor for video showing.
In the table, photographs collection, Cyan Times, 66 sheets of snapshot albums of the Ashio.
Onozaki Ittoku photography, Ashio copper mines photographs notebook
(before and after the 1897(30th year of Meiji), 64 sheets of ・ copy editions ・)

Mitsui-Miike Coal Mines photographs collection, closed three days ago.
Fifty sheets of snapshot albums of Miike, 120 sheets of snapshot albums of the Hashima.
Machida Sadaaki photography, Miike Coal Mines photographs
(12 sheets of ・ copy editions ・
which it thinks of with about the beginning in 1909(42 from opportunity),
the 1903(36th year of Meiji)).

The summary such as materials for each Mines, Coal Mines.
Except for the video, manual figure, completely, monochrome photographs.


                                        橋本 康夫


The Pursuit of Japanese Mines and Coal Mines , 1970-2003

Yasuo Hashimoto

  In 1970 I visited the mining town of Ashio in Tochigi Prefecture for the first time to do field research collecting information for my graduation thesis, "The Ashio copper mine pollution incident and Shozo Tanaka." At the time,before its mines were closed, the town of Ashio still had the fully distinctive scenery of a mining town.
  The scenery included mine facilities such as smelteries, dressing plants, entrances to the mine pits, company housing and bald hills. I had an extremely strong impression and was extraordinarily moved by seeing the people and their everyday life and such in this town. That was my first encounter with the mining town of Ashio.
  Since then, for the past thirty years, I have been enchanted by the town of Ashio, its distinctive mining town scenery, and the rich and friendly lifestyle of the people. I have visited and will continue visiting Ashio, even after the closing of its mines. Eventually, in addition to Ashio, I have taken pictures and collected information about mines and coal mines all over Japan.
  These mines and coal mines are something strange, which has posed various kinds of problems for me. These places naturally reminded me of the histories of mines and coal mines. But, in addition, while thinking about the problems around them and the everyday life of such towns, I became aware of the fact that my own lifestyle is questionable. I think it is very natural that this kind of awareness came to me from the depth and heaviness of the history of mines and coal mines. It is not only related to the history of mines and coal mines, but also comes from thinking about the history of Japan and the people in Japan. In this sense, I am sure that mines and coal mines are not merely past relics, but important and meaningful treasures for us.
  At this poster session at Akabira City in Hokkaido, I plan to exhibit approximately ten to fifteen selected photos and informative materials about Ashio and other mines of Japan, including a map of the whole area of Ashio in its prime (1916). In addition, I will exhibit on the table other informative materials and sets of photos of other mines in Japan.
  I will be very delighted if you could have a chance to think about the relationship between the people and mines and the future through observing my exhibition about mines and coal mines which I have seen in Japan.

-From the abstract-

展示写真・Exhibition photographs -1
- 金属鉱山他・Metal Mines others -

Ashio copper mines, January 19, 1992

Ashio copper mines, April 30, 1984

Ashio copper mines, November 23, 1993

 Ashio copper mines, April 30, 1984

Matsuo sulfur mines, June 6, 1993

Besshi copper mines, August 25, 1993

Kosaka metal mines, October 28, 1990

Hanawa metal mines, April 2, 1989

Kamioka metal mines, September 16, 1989

写真・橋本 康夫  1984-1994
Photos・Yasuo Hashimoto

These photographs and sentences are prohibition by the reproduction,
copy without notice and so on.

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