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ASTRO �^ Hiroshi Hasegawa

ASTRO is Hiroshi Hasegawa's solo project.
He was in the band named C.C.C.C. which was one of the biggest Japanese noise group.
Born in 1963, Hasegawa has begun his improvisation with his voice and drums. And in 1989, he made the group C.C.C.C. which's concept was impovisative mass-noise with very loud sound. The group became legend with the members Mayuko Hino, Ryuichi Nagakubo, Fumio Kosakai.
Also he has begun his solo unit ASTRO with analog synthesizers in 1993 as well as playing in C.C.C.C.
and then he formed Cosmic Coincidence in 2010 with the members Manuel Knapp and Rohco.
Now he is actively playing and issuing and doing many collaboration with other artists. And there are released works beyond 50 titles.
His playing style is like drifting between the meditation and awakening state with electronics and still he is pursuing it.

1963: Born in Kanagawa prefecture.

1984: Began playing improvisation mainly with drums and voice.

1989: Formed "C.C.C.C." for making mass improvised-noise.
Established "Endorphine Factory".

1991: Issued "Cosmic Coincidence Control Center" as the 1st CD of C.C.C.C.
from Endorphine Factory.

1992: Performed in 8 cities in U.S.A. as the first U.S. tour of C.C.C.C.

1993: Began solo project "ASTRO" with analogue synthesizers.
Issued "Loud sounds Dopa/Live in U.S.A."from Endorphine Factory which was edited U.S. live recordings as the 2nd CD of C.C.C.C.
Gave 6 shows in 4 European cities as the first Europe tour of C.C.C.C.

1994: Issued "Amplified Crystal"as the 1st LP of C.C.C.C. from Endorphine Factory.
Issued "Moog Resuscitation"as the 1st 7"EP of ASTRO from ANT-ZEN in Germany.

1995: Did the second U.S. tour.
Issued "Flush" as the 3rd CD of C.C.C.C from Cold Spring Records in England.

1996: Was invited to the "Taipei Broken Life Festival" in Taiwan as C.C.C.C.
Issued "Beauty of the Pollution", a collaborated CD with Nocturnal Emissions in England, from Endorphine Factory.

1997: Was invited to the sound festival in Italy as C.C.C.C. and performed in 4 cities.
After that, went around Europe like Austria, Switzerland and France.

1998: Was invited to the sound festivals in England and Germany.
Issued "M.S.G of Electronics Wave" as the 1st LP of ASTRO from Tochnit Aleph in Germany.
Issued "Acid Safari" as the 1st CD of ASTRO from Xerxes in Japan.

1999: Issued "Rocket Shrine"as the 4th CD of C.C.C.C from Test Label in Japan.

2000: Issued "Bio-Galaxy"as the 2nd CD of ASTRO from Tochnit Aleph.

2001: Issued "Resonance Universe"as the 3rd CD of ASTRO from Tochnit Aleph.

2002: Formed a new project "MESSIER 31"with members of "NORD".

2003: Joined "NORD" officially after the dissolution of "MESSIER 31" for development.
Joined an Internet program "Radio Kinesonus" which streams experimental music by a media artist Tetsuo Kogawa.
And started "SOUTH SATURN DELTA", a duo unit, with Yamazaki Maso a.k.a. "MASONNA" and "SPACE MACHINE".

2004: Formed a new project "ASTRAL TRAVELING UNITY" .
Issued "Galactic Desert Song" from Light Room in Japan.

2005: Started "GALAX", a duo unit with Keiichi Miyashita a.k.a. "MANDOG".
Issued "ASTROMERO" as the 1st 2xCD of ASTROMERO, a duo unit with Damion Romero a.k.a. "Speculum Fight", from P-tapes and TRONIKS in U.S.

2006: Was invited to "No Fun Festival 2006" in U.S. as "ASTROMERO" and performed in 4 cities.
Started "ASTRO BLACK", a duo unit with Renka.
Issued "Drop Out Bones/Shock Therapy" CDr of ASTRO & CORNUCOPIA as a collaborated work from Sonora Disk/Noisex Records in Puerto Rico.
Issued "Cosmic Blues Experience" CD of ASTRO+Junzo Suzuki from Plunk's Plan in Japan.
Issued "Studio and Live" CD of ASTRAL TRAVELING UNITY (with Makoto Kawabata as a guest guitarist) from Archive Recordings in U.S.
Issued "Black Bloody Cosmos" CDr of ASTRO from Rape Art Productions in Ecuador.
Issued "Traffic" CDr of ASTRO + Richard Ramirez from Deadline Recordings in U.S.
Issued "Live in Tokyo" CDr of ASTRO + Analog Suicide from Transmit Records in Turkey.

Started "COSMIC DEW", a cosmic synthesizer project with Hiroshi Higashi(from Acid Mothers Temple), Mitsuru Tabata(from Zeni Geva, etc.) and Yamato .
Issued "Lilith's Ilium" CDr of ASTRO + Reiko.A from Doufu Records in China.
Issued "Astral Orange Sunshine" CD of ASTRO from Blossoming Noise in U.S.
Issued "Never Ending Space Trackin'" CD of GALAX from Archive Recordings in U.S.
Issued "Early Works'" 4xCD Boxset of C.C.C.C. from No Fun Productions in U.S.
Was invited to "Lausanne Underground Film&Music Festival 2007" in Switzerland as "ASTRO+Phroq+Reiko.A".
Issued "Motorcycle Fuck with the Ghost Rider'" CD of ASTRO JAZKAMER HAIR STYLISTICS from Archive Recordings in U.S.