IPPNW 世界大会に際して、ヒロシマの被爆者・二世の訴え


Hiroshima and Nagasaki share the Anger of Fukushima Nuclear Sufferers

Welcome to Hiroshima !
We Hibakusha and second generation of A bomb sufferers welcome physicians who seek the abolition of all nuclear.
We heartily call all participants that now is the time Hibakusha and doctors unite for the abolition of all nuclear reactors from all over the world.

◎ 大飯原発再開に反対し、すべての原発をいますぐなくそう




◎ Let's oppose to the re-start of the Oi power plant by the NODA administration.

"Do not repeat again the Hiroshima and Nagasaki" has been our pressing desire and we have fought so far for that cause literally at the expense of our life. However, on March 11 last year, unprecedented catastrophe of power stations has occurred in Fukshima No1. Nuclear power station should be called nuclear bomb placed on the ground.Three Mile accident, Chernobyl, each time when nuclear accident happened, we demand the shutdown of nuclear power stations insisting "Human being and Nuclear are incompatible. It is our duty to request the abolition because we Hibakusha suffer from radiation damage still 67 years after the bombing, so We know the cruelty of human destruction due to radioactivity as more than anyone else.

However, the Japanese government had exercised all violent power such as riot police to repress the opposition movement even using a supreme court judgment. As a result the tyranny of electric company which eagerly respects money than human lives have been allowed to the extent that the safety of nuclear power plants are totally neglected and brought forth the Fukushima nuclear disaster easily caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We became outrage when the nuclear accident has happened at Fukushima and at the same time we feel dying mortifying why we could not fight over all against the Government nuclear policy.

The cause of the Fukushima accident is not yet elucidated with emission of large amount of radioactivity to the atmosphere and the sea. Moreover we are facing the crisis, such as the collapse of the spent fuel storage. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Noda, who think nuclear plants exports and nuclear reactor resumption as priorities issued a "Declaration of resolution" and has left the residents of Fukushima to high level exposure and finally ordered to re-start Oi nuclear station to protect the interests of the ruling class. Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shared the anger of Fukushima Hibakuhsa to fight definitely for abolishment of all nuclear power plants.

◎ 低線量被曝・内部被曝の隠蔽を許さない!


 こうした低線量・内部被曝問題の抹殺を担ったのがABCC(現・放射線影響研究所)でした。被爆者をモルモットにしてデータを独占した彼らは、そのデータをアメリカの核兵器開発に利用する一方で、運転中にも絶えず周辺住民と原発労働者に被曝を強いる原子力発電所の「安全性」を謳うICRP の放射線許容量の暴論を支えてきたのです。


 IPPNW 総会に参加された医師の皆さん、ヒロシマ・ナガサキと同様にフクシマの被曝者をモルモットにしようとする放射線影響研究所、広島大、長崎大で絶対反対の声をあげてください。不断に被曝者を生み出す原発に反対することこそ、核に苦しむ患者を生み出さない真の道です。そして、医師としての良心にかけて被害を受けた被曝者をモルモットにすることを拒否してください。そして、被爆者解放の立場にたってください。




◎ We never allow the hiding of internal exposure and low-dose exposure!

Hiroshima bombing on August 6, 1945 was the most disastrous conclusion of the aggression war by the Japanese imperialism in Asia. If workers of Japan and USA had fought against the war competing over Asia rule , the atomic bomb was never dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. USA Imperialism built up the USA world wide regime after WW2 using the nuclear power demonstrated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Threatening with this nuclear power USA has tried to maintain the new colonialism rule in Korea, Vietnum and the Middle East. For that purpose USA government endeavoured to conceal the danger coming from exposure to low doses of radiation and internal exposure as well : that is because they needed the legitimacy of the use of nuclear weapons to say that nuclear weapon is not inhumane !

Facing the growing criticism world wide, Brigadier General Farrell (Second chief of Manhattan project) declared that those who werethought to die from A bomb attack were all dead already (as of September 1945) and there were nobody who suffer from the remaining radiation. General Macarthar ordered the press code to prohibit recording and reporting about the facts caused by Atomic bomb. Thus Hibakusha had been let down until the end of the occupation in 1952.

Accordingly the presence of survivors suffering from radioation was denied completely. And this is still the same 67 years after the bombing like in the case of Hibakusha exposed to the black rain caused by atomic bombing.

Those who were resposible for the obliteration of the problem caused by low dose and internal exposure was ABCC (Atomic Bomb Casuality Commision re-organized to Radiation Effects Research Foundation). The enormous amount of data collected from Hibakusha were dexploited to develop the nuclear weapons of USA and abused to support the standard dose tolerance proposd by ICRP which in turn make people believe the safty of nuclear industry although it constantly have nuclear plant workers and nearby residents exposed to radiation during normal operation.

Kenji Kamiya (Hiroshima univ.) and Shunichi Yamashita (Nagasaki Univ.)who were appointed to vice Presidents of Fukushima Medical University are preaching loudly that 100mSv is not so insecure, that the effectiveness of radiation should be well recognized and at the same time ordered doctors in Fukushima prefecture to reject the secondary examination of thyroid asked by worrying parents. They are rushing to build "special medical zones" using the vast area in Fukushima Prefecture for low-dose exposure experiment leaving the Fukushima Hibakusha helpless.

Doctors who participated in the world meeting of IPPNW !
Please raise your opposition voices clearly to the plan making Fukushima Hibakuhsa the guinea pig same as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki promoted by Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Hiroshima Univ.and Nagasaki Univ. We think that opposition against the nuclear power plant which constantly harm human being disturbing the genetic information is the only best and humane way never to create patients suffering from nuclear radiation. Then, please refuse to support the guinea pig policy of Hibakusha which tests your conscience as a doctor. Doing so is the prerequisit for you to stand on the side of Hibakusha who are struggling for the liberation of them from imperalisitic rule and oppression.

We have established a hospital for Hibakusha by our self in Hiroshima City to take back MEDICAL from the monoploly by the imperialists who dare to make A bomb sufferers guinea pig. This hopstal has been a base of struggle for Hibakusha where Hibakusha feel free heart andsoul. Based on this experience , also in Fukushima prefecture sufferers are now standing up to build a reliable clinic to fight with and by. We need your help ! Please, cooperate with them as a team of doctors.

The last appeal.On August 6th Prime Minister Noda visited this place Peace Memorial Park to insult our sleeping dead.We organized protest demonstrations. "Noda went out from Hiroshima!" That's right. Stopping and eliminating nuclear while protecting the safety of nuclear plant workers request the complete social change.Unless workers overthrew the regime Noda who is a puppet of the capitalist class ,it is impossible to create a new society where workers are the true hero of society.

Anti war Hibakusha association and the youth Hibakusha League sincerely wish you doctors to fight for the liberation of Hibakusha and the abolition of all nuclear power plants shoulder to shoulder with us.