Kabukuri-numa Information



Kabukuri-numa (approx.area: 100 ha) is located approximately 8 km south of Izu-numa which is the second of ten Ramsar site in Japan. The marsh has a good deal of biodiversity including 30,000 geese, which only live in wetlands with rich habitat, and 18 species of raptors. In addition, there are 33 bird, 5 plant and 2 fish species recorded here that are listed as threatened in the Red Data Book of Japan. However, no legal protection for this site has been offered.

The place of Kabukuri-numa

The detailed map

A large-scale plan to dredge the whole area of Kabukuri-numa, Tajiri, Miyagi Prefecture, was halted due to a citizens' campaign conducted by local residents, local governing bodies, scientists and environmentalists. Concerned parties, including the Miyagi Prefectural Government, are developing a campaign to seek methods of wetland conservation to ensure the preservation of Kabukuri-numa as a natural wetlands. This marsh also functions as a water-retarding basin, and maintains the symbiotic relationship between paddy field farming and waterfowl.

In addition, Kabukuri-numa is intended to entry "An Anatidae Site Network in the East Asian Flyway" in 7th Ramser Convension.


This is the Kabukuri-numa original mark.

Birds :

upper ; White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons)

under ; Middendorf's Bean Goose (Anser fabalis middendorffi)

Plant :

Wild Rice (Zizania latifolia)

Fish :

Netted Bitterling (Acheilognathus typus)

They are typical of lives of Kabukuri-numa.