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Kabukuri-numa has various habitats in its marsh environment such as the Zizania latifolia community (wild rice), the Phragmites communis community (reeds), the Salix spp. community (willow trees) and open water. This area provides a breeding and roosting area for marsh birds and mammals, and there is also good habitat for frogs, dragonflies and other insects and amphibians. In addition, there are also freshwater fish and shellfish that inhabit the rivers in this area.

Over 200 species of birds have been recorded at Kabukuri-numa, including 33 species listed as threatened in the Red Data Book (RDB) of Japan. This marsh is the wintering area for over 30,000 geese Anser albifrons frontails (White-fronted Goose) and Anser fabaris middendorffi (Middendorf's Bean Goose) which live only in rich wetlands. This area has some of the most prominent habitat for these species in Japan, and the number of White-fronted Geese wintering in this area is above 1% of the worlds population, indicating that it is eligible for becoming a Ramsar site to protect White-fronted Geese. Also 18 species of raptors have also been recorded here and most of them winter in Kabukuri-numa; in addition this marsh also provides habitat for many other birds in the area.

White-fronted Geese
Bean Goose
White-fronted Geese
(Anser albifrons frontails)
Middendorf's Bean Goose
(Anser fabalis middendorffi)

Bird Photographs

Kabukuri-numa is a important low land marsh that produces various aquatic plants of each stage of habitat changing over time, including four species like Pennthorum chinense, Euphorbia adenochlora, Nymphoides peltata and Monochoria korsakowii all listed the RDB of Japan.

Wild Rice
Wild Rice
(Zizaniz latifolia)
(Phragmites australis)

Plants Photos

Some species of freshwater fish and shellfish that have been recorded in the rivers in Kabukuri-numa, including Acheilognathus typus and Oryzias latipes. Habitat is dwindling around the country for these two species that are listed in the RDB of Japan.

Netted Bitterling
Netted Bitterling's egg cells
Netted Bitterling
(Acheilognathus typus)

Netted Bitterling's egg cells in the mussel (Unio (Nodularia) douglasiae nipponensis)

Fishes & Shells Photos

At this point we are doing further study on the wildlife of Kabukuri-numa.