The Kabukuri-numa Declaration


We, the participants of the Twelfth Annual Symposium on Geese,

Aware that the wetland environment of Kabukuri-numa and the rice paddies surrounding it, here in Tajiri Township, Miyagi Prefecture, constitutes a precious legacy that we can be proud of before the whole world,

Further aware that, for the migratory geese that seek out this rich wetland environment every year, it is an internationally important site, and is moreover one of the premier wintering grounds for geese in Japan,

We are convinced that to maintain this wetland landscape will afford significant benefits not only to geese, but also to humankind, including people living in the local area,

Thus, we declare that we will promote rice agriculture that will protect this environment and enhance its naturalness, which will also provide a better food source for the geese,

And, we recognize that to pursue a wholesome agricultural practices that allow for co-habitation with geese will result in sustainable agriculture that makes the best possible use of the area's geographical advantages,

Thus, in order to protect the wetland landscape and manage Kabukuri-numa and the rice paddies surrounding it for the purpose of conserving the birds, fish, and other animals that inhabit the site,

We will seek to establish a management plan for Kabukuri-numa and the rice paddies surrounding it that will include the participation, and put into practice the wisdom, of people from various fields, including local residents,

And, in order that the values embodied in Kabukuri-numa shall be passed on without fail to the next generation in the twenty-first century, for example through establishing a Ramsar Designation Preparatory Committee,

We hereby declare that we will make our utmost efforts.


8 December 1996

Tajiri Township, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Participants of the Twelfth Annual Symposium on Geese