Kabukuri-numa Information

Environmental Education Program


Also, an environment education program has begun, using the Marsh and nearby paddy fields as teaching materials.

Children, mainly those from the local primary school, are learning the value of bio-diversity through observation Kabukuri-numa. By working in the rice paddy fields they are learning the relation between the environment and agriculture, as well as the pleasure of food production. Through this, they are gradually recognizing that the marsh is " a treasury " for the area.

The Environmental Education Center of the Miyagi University of Education, the Sendai Science Museum, and the KABUKURI Wetlands Club (NGO) are promoting this program in cooperation with teachers at local primary schools.

Moreover, to utilize the Marsh as a place for experiencing nature and nature-learning, the town authority has begun to examine an improvement project for the Marsh, and they are seeking economic support from the national government.