Kabukuri-numa Information

Wetland Restoration Project


In November, 1997, a decision was made to return 50ha of adjacent rice paddy fields in Shiratori District to the marsh. Shallow water covers this area and it is on the way to restoring the natural marsh. The area of the marsh has increased by one and a half time. Many aquatic plants and insects, as well as egrets and herons appeared throughout the spring and summer. In winter ducks, swans and about 10,000 geese also began to roost there. Restoring the Shiratori District to the marsh made the biodivewrsity of Kabukuri-numa much richer and raise The restoration of the Shiratori District to marsh land made the biodiversity of Kabukuri-numa much richer, and raised the public awareness of the marsh.

Shiratori District





Shiratori District ; the seasonal changes in the scenery