Kabukuri-numa Information

The Symbiotic Existance of Paddy Field Farming & Waterfowl


Because waterfowl wintering on Kabukuri-numa sometimes damage the paddy fields around the marsh, more than a few farmers harbor ill -feelings toward their protection and preservation.

White-fronted Geese that have been feeding the young rice plants


On the other hand, several farmers who have converted to organic farming methods, utilize the potential of these creatures to lighten pollution loads.

The local gonernment and the NGOs are working on a partnership with these farmers, and as the result, a project to establish a symbiosis between waterfowl and agriculture has been started.

In the winter of 1998/99, water was kept in a rice field 8 km south to the marsh. The landowner left 3.5 ha flooded in order to spread the distribution of waterfowl around Kabukuri-numa. Soon after water was applied to the field, as many as 200 swans gathered. Then more than 100 geese also began to stay here. This can be a first step towards realizing the symbiosis between geese and agriculture.

Swans and geese gathered the flooded paddy fields