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Put your ad on a post clock

Advertisements of the excellent effectiveness, helpfulness and appreciation- they are combined with post clocks.

Kokusai Denso specializes in commercial or public signboards combined with post clocks. That is an Advertisement Post Clock.

An Advertisement Post Clock efficiently displays your organization logo, a particular product ad, or any other messages as you wish.

As a lamp pillar, an Advertisement Post Clock also serves for security of the area at night.

Kokusai Denso have provided Advertisement Post Clocks for more than 5,000 of agricultural cooperative associations and other public facilities, such as community hospitals and train stations, as well as golf courses, throughout Japan.

Our choices of model range from Solar-cell Advertisement Post Clocks to SE-type Advertisement Post Clocks, outdoor thermometers and monument clocks.

Solar-cell Advertisement Post Clock
(with orange collar condensing resinousface)

SE-type Advertisement Post Clock
(with a charging battery)

Outdoor Thermometer

Monument Clock (Custom-made)

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