Solar-cell Advertisement Post Clock


  • Using natural energy, no cost of electricity;

  • No maintenance cost for rust free aluminum sash frames and anticorrosive galvanized steel pipe poles; and

  • No need of internal lighting: a condensing resinous dial is luminous at night and distinct in the daylight

Specification and drawing for Solar-cell Advertising Post Clock
Frame Size 1,810 mm x 800 mm x 250 mm
Available Dial Area 835 mm x 735 mm
Available Signboard Area 840 mm x 740 mm
Frame Color Black, 70 % polished
Frame Materials Aluminum sash, acrylic resin
paint, baking finish
Frame Appearance Bisected, 150 R bent corners
Dial Materials Condensing resin
Dial Cover 3 mm transparent polycarbonate
Signboard Materials 4 mm transparent acrylic board,
process printed or pasted
letters on the back
Steel Pipe Pole 140 Ø x 5,000 mm anti-salt
galvanized steel pipe, clasping
top end
Gross Head Weight 60 kg
Electric Current Consumption 0.8 A (average)
Clock Movement SEIKO type QP-70 drive unit
and type M-576 movement


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