Outdoor Thermometer


  • Measuring range is from -55oC to +85oC, capable of
    any atmospheric temperature on earth;

  • Excellent effectiveness as a signboard particularly
    in the fierce heat or the sever winter, where the
    temperature is a target of people's attention;

  • The sign of minus is displayed in red. The temperature
    indicator is illuminated with internal lighting at night;

  • On a street side, displaying a temperature around zero
    provides helpful information for drivers of an icy surface
    to be alarmed; and

  • In a farming area, you can obtain crucial data of the
    temperature for production.

Specification and drawing for Outdoor Thermometer

Frame Size 1,810 mm x 800 mm x 250 mm
Temperature Display 7 segmented displays x 6
Available Signboard Area 840 mm x 740 mm
Frame Color Dark brown, 70 % polished
Frame Appearance Bisected, 150 R bent corners
Signboard Materials 5 mm transparent acrylic board,
process printed or pasted letters
on the back
Lighting equipment 30 w fluorescent lights x 8,
100 V 6A cell optical sensing flasher
Steel Pipe Pole 140 ø x 5,000 mm, anticorrosive coat,
clasping top end


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