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GNUServ on Windows

Meadow is my text editor.

Welcome to my little GNU Emacs/Meadow page. I've standardized on emacs 21.1 with the Meadow-like IME extensions (Mar 2002). Previously, I used Meadow-1.14 (May 2001) for home and work. Meadow is a port of GNU Emacs for Microsoft Windows operating systems on IA-32 architecture that is distinct from the official GNU Emacs for Microsoft Windows. I use Meadow to write and edit Visual Basic, Ruby, Java, C++, C and Lisp code. I also use it to type Japanese formatted email and html pages. Though Meadow is not exactly GNU Emacs, it is much more emacs-lisp compatible to it than XEmacs. Therefore I mention GNU Emacs and Meadow as one and the same.

My intent with this web page is to share any knowledge I uncover using GNU Emacs/Meadow on Windows systems, specifically Windows NT 4.0 SP 4 and Windows 2000. I am a programmer and I am constantly refining my Emacs environment.


Any modifications I've made to emacs, either at the lisp level or the compile level, are listed here.

Microsoft Input Method Editor (Japanese) for Emacs 21.1 (current version: 21.1-patch (official site in Japanese text only)

  • The main benefit of using this enhancement is the ability to use the Microsoft Input Method Editor (MS IME 2000) in Japanese to input words directly at point.

    I did not write this patch, only upgraded the previously released patch for 21.0.105 to the 21.1. All credit to enabling this wonderful feature goes to Masanori MIYOSHI.

    Oh no! Does that mean I won't be using Meadow anymore? Fear not, the patch specifically defines this new environment via the new pre-processor symbol "MEADOW". Heh ehhe hehe.
isrep.el (current version: 0.1 not part of GNU Emacs)
  • isrep is Interactive Search into query-REPlace.

    The main benefit of using this enhancement is the ability to jump into query-replace or query-replace-regexp without having to exit isearch. This is great when you want to create a regexp replace request. Support for ekb-isearch-mode (by Keiichi Suzuki) is included.

ediff-mult.el (current version: part of GNU Emacs)
  • ediff-mult-piyokun.el
    Release status: not released
    Modified so that the difference window expands to the full width of the current window.

edebug.el (current version: part of GNU Emacs)
  • edebug-piyokun.el
    Release status: not released
    Modified so that edebug-global key map can be bound to any key.

Wish list, to do, rants!

  • Rant: The lisp files included in the stock distribution sure seem to have namespace problem.
  • todo: Publish my world clock for emacs 20 and emacs 21.
  • todo: Publish my modifystamp mode. (I'm sure people will say, why not use time-stamp?)
  • todo: Add my own comments to my customized preferences.
  • todo: Figure out what are useful personal comment key words in my code so that I can fontify them through font-lock-mode.


I've used all types of Emacsen, starting with GNU Emacs 18.59. I've progressed through the GNU Emacs series, namely 19.34, 20.3, and 20.5. Between 19.34 and 20.3, I played with the Macintosh-68k port of Emacs 18.59, called Parmet-1.17. I'm slowly moving towards GNU Emacs 21.1 with the MS-IME patch.


Meadow 1.14 has only one feature (useful to me) that GNU Emacs does not have: Support for Microsoft Input Method Editor (MS-IME). If inputting in languages other than english using the MS-IME is important to you, I recommend using this port of GNU Emacs.

My .emacs

One day I'll publish my settings, but for now, I'll just comment: Most people seem to cram all of their setting into one file, called .emacs. However, I've organized my settings into different files based on the type of setting: key bindings, personal functions, customization definition, and require directives.


Clifford Escobar CAOILE (a.k.a. "CEC", "Piyokun")

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