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GNUServ on Windows

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GNUServ on Windows

Meadow is my text editor.

What is it?

It allows you to control Emacs "remotely", either from another program or another computer. For example, you could tell emacs to open a certain file on your local computer, or copy and reformat a text-format clipboard. On Windows, you can associate files to Emacs. The functionality is limited to only your elisp coding skills.

Opening files or directories with emacs from cygwin.
Say you wanted to open /usr/bin as a dired session in Emacs. Assuming you have the following shell script (saved as gc) and gnuclientw.exe in your path, it's as simple as typing "gc /usr/bin" at the cygwin bash prompt.
File: gc
gnuclientw "`cygpath --windows ""`"
Related tips: You can do the same for Windows Explorer:
File: exp
explorer /e,"`cygpath --windows ""`"
and Internet Explorer, respectively.
File: ie
/cygdrive/f/Program\ Files/Internet\ Explorer/IEXPLORE.EXE \
-new -e "`cygpath --windows "$1"`" &
I recommend using the ie shell script because it preserves the view look and also makes visible the folder pane. In other words, it's just like the Explorer view.

Unfortunately, there is no single maintainer for GNUServ for Windows. Package names and numbers have little to do with functionality. Here's a list of GNUServ packages that are pre-built for Windows (intel-x86 only).

gnuserv (1996-10-07) by Nico FRANCOIS
The only gnuserv distribution mirrored to all GNU mirror sites.
gnuserv-2.1p1 (1998-10-06) by Nico FRANCOIS
The canonical Windows port of GNUServ, also referenced in the NTEmacs FAQ.
gnuserv 1.8 (1999-02-16) by David BIESACK
One change to the base version.
"Extension to gnuserv for NTEmacs; adds a -w option to cause gnuclientw to pause for seconds seconds after sending an edit request to the Emacs server."
gnuserv-0411-1999 (1999-04-11) by Takashi "cymouque" SHIMOOKU
Shift JIS support for files and directories path names;
gnuserv- (1999-09-12) by Guy GASCOIGNE-PIGGFORD
Many changes to the basic version.
"Added a -x (execute) option to gnuclient[w]. This simply makes sure that Emacs is running and visible...
Added a -e (evaluate) option to gnuclient[w]. This causes the following elisp to be evaluated... "


"How do I associate files with Emacs (i.e., use Emacs as a server with gnuserv/gnuclient)?", in the NTEmacs FAQ.
email writeup on using gnuserv on Windows (July 2000), by David VANDERSCHEL.
"Meadow + GNUServ" by Masayoshi KAWAHARA. (Japanese text only)

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