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A hobbyist video gamer in the middle of Japan's gaming zone. Comments on console, PC, handheld and arcade games.

"A hobbyist video gamer in the middle of Japan's gaming zone. Comments on console, PC, handheld and arcade games."

I've been a gamer in one form or another since 1983. I grew up with gaming from an American perspective. But in 2001 I finally put my gaming thoughts into (b)log form, online. And now you can read what I'm gaming and what I think is interesting in the gaming world and related entertainment such as game music, anime, character goods, and figurines. This is definately not a news site, I rant and rave and sheeple like the rest of them. It's a "Navel Gaming Journal", light on facts, straightforward in opinion, and just plain whimsical! But hopefully my writing is tempered by the experience of living in Japan as an wage earner. No, I don't work in the video game industry. And oh yeah, I'm one of the older gamers, over the "hump" of 30 years of age. Growing up (old!) with games is wierd experience. Expect me to reminisce about "the good ol' days" and then delve into the latest doujin and mainstream console gaming.


You can contact me for any comments, praise or flames, etc, at my email address (please edit out the obvious spamification):

piyokun AT-SYMBOL gmail PERIOD com

Intended audience

People who like video games. This website contains some mature content and links, so 16 years or older. Intended for worldwide distribution but mainly for English and Japanese-speakers.

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