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2002-08-22 Thu

PC Concerns

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PC Concerns

Okay, I've got to start exersizing my producing mind, so I'm going to type something here at work.

Galaxy Angel PC version I ordered Galaxy Angel Cho-genteiban 超限定版 Millefeure (sp?) version even though I know nothing about the anime/manga series. The things that sold me on the game are the (1) AVG part which reminds me of Sakura Taisen (if I actually played the copies I owned), (2) SLG part which reminds me of Homeworld, (3) the character voices for Lei Fan (Yukari TAMURA) and Mint (?). But why am I getting the Cho-genteiban 超限 定版 Millefeure version? Why indeed. I don't need the sticker or the t-shirt or a figurine doll. Comes out tomorrow, I'll get it on Sunday. I actually found the all versions of the demo (Mint, Lei Fan, Millefille). Very crazy.

Just a week before Obon vacation I bought a Panasonic Q (Nintendo GameCube) with Super Mario Sunshine. Very cool, I actually got into the missions. The jumping puzzles are hard as fsck, but I struggled through most of them. I think I have about 75 Shine Gets, and some of the secrets partially uncovered. I think I like it when the goals are clearly defined, not when there are "secrets" to uncover. It gives me a sense of completion. All in all, the clear blue water, water spray effects, and happy colors made me buy this game.

Then I said I had to get myself something else for my GC so I bought a used Super Monkey Ball (GC). Interesting, and I don't feel like I'm getting any motion sickness like I previously feared, so that's cool. One thing I miss is that I cannot adjust the camera angle. Puzzles are hard and the camera controls the actual movement, so. But the ending credits sequence is a game in itself. Very interesting. Very cool.

I'm getting back into Unreal Tournament (PC) again. One thing I noticed is that with Windows 2000 Server, I am experiencing delays in loading maps and such. Also with the new RAID mirror hardware, hard disk power up sequences cause the system to stall. This is not how it was when I had Windows 2000 Professional. Wierd and frustrating. Sometimes I have to reconnect to a server since a map doesn't load fast enough into memory. But UT is a grand experience because of the great community at Fun. I am surprised that I play this game more than games I buy recently.

Not much going on with GTA3. I'll wait until I upgrade my PC to install it again. Graphical goodness awaits.

Speaking of which Unreal Tournament 2003 (PC) will be delayed again. Maybe it won't make the planned September 2002 release. There's no demo. There have been some reviews and benchmarks specifically using UT2k3, by Anandtech. Very very cool. I do want Quake 3 benchmarks, it's just that it's UT2k3 that I will be playing.

The UT2k3 delay means that I have the luxury of waiting for better PC parts. I was considering a Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz class processor and GeForce 4 Ti 4200. But now with ATI coming out with a GF 4 Ti-busting Radeon 9700 Pro, I will be spec'ing the system based on that card. I am seriously considering going the Intel Pentium route because of motherboard-PCI card compatibility reasons. And memory is a big problem since I want something fast. I'm not sure what to do with hard drive, since I have a RAID mirror solution already up. And when I get a new computer, I will have to get rid of the other computer cases and part I have. It would be good to take inventory of the PC parts I have, though.

That's just it. I haven't had the will power to write up some inventory. I've got DVDs, CDs, games for every system, software, etc, to catalog. But I rather be playing. I swear it's going to bite me in the a$$ some time.
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