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2002-10-15 Tue

Unreal Tournament "hissing"

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Unreal Tournament "hissing"

After reading all the net hype and 1-week old stale reviews of Unreal Tournament 2003, I had to write a diary entry about my own experiences of the game.

Truth be told, I downloaded the demo game but rarely played it, and only tried it once or twice online. Bombing Run (BR) was fun for the time I was playing it. But the other maps, the CTF one and two DM ones, I never played it with much frequency.

So I went back to playing regular UT at www.stealthdp.com and waited for my Overtop pre-order to come in. When it actually came in on Saturday night on a cool November 5th, I typed in the heat of my CTF battle "I got UT2003", and proceeded to shell out the 8000 yen to the delivery boy. I immediately installed it and started playing the tutorial/single player mode. However, I got sleepy and left it at that. The following week, I was attempting to translate Sleipnir, so I didn't play UT2003 at all. Wierd huh.

So we come back to next Saturday, which was the 12th. I played a couple more games, downloaded the initial maps, mutators (classic UT), dedicated server and tried to really grind my teeth into it. I came up with the idea to run a dedicated server on Nonki-XP (Win XP Pro), which was a good idea for learning how to control a server. Web admin! I came up with Classic Deathmatch in DM-Gael, 3 bots at Novice, slow death animation, and vampire. I was trying to go for "ludicrous" kill, but I never heard anything like that *Godlike*. Adding any more bots made the rendering really really slow.

So what have we learned? I can't wait for November's computer industry refresh to occur. I really want a kicking game machine now. But what with work getting really busy (going to Spain in November?) and other games that I need to finish, I actually can wait. And if I need a fix, I can always fire up the "Piyo's practice server" on Nonki-xp and frag the newbie bots for 93 kills in 10 minutes. Hone your lightning rifle kills, dodge-jumping. Excellent.

"I can't feel my legs." And the lizard men say "nicessssss" Let the taunting begin.
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