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Okay even though I'm not feeling that bad about work, I am still in the mood to write a gaming entry.

This weekend was my birthday and I celebrated the same way I celebrate my free days: by going to Nipponbashi Den Den Town. Well, actually, I had a spree at Sofmap Kobe, and I'm going to describe that one first:

Saturday I went to work at my own free will, but at 1630 I gave it up. I did some swimming. I went to Sofmap. I decided to buy that Sugar Kiss CD by Hiromi Sato, but it wasn't there. So what did I do instead? It was 5% off used stuff day, and I took advantage of it. I bought like a lot of stuff used, I forgot. Two Music DVD (Fayray and Miki Imai) at 1500 each, couldn't pass that up. I bought that Argos/Rygar game, 3000 yen. I swear there was more. I bought DoDonPachi SS for 4000, but it had no spine cover. I think I bought more Sega Saturn games, one at 500, another at 1680. I found Mizuiro Drama CD 2 and one other CD, but I forgot. Then I used my 1000 yen discount ticket. Save money, that's what I always say. Yeah right.

Total damage: 17413 yen.

Sunday, I was feeling bad because the testing at work wasn't going so well. Despite that feeling, I played around and didn't get out of my room until 1630. BEGIN SHOPPING SPREE: I had to have that Gamecube version of Zelda Ocarina of Time 64 Ura. But where could I find it? I kinda gave up on it and settled for exploring Melon Books. Melon Books has a wide selection of ecchi and shit but I didn't find the doujin soft games that I wanted. Especially shooting. Yes there was a used section for doujin soft games but nothing interesting was there. There was another shop on the first story, kinda like Melon books but it concentrated on telephone cards. It had a used section for doujin soft games, but again nothing bore fruit from searching. The only thing interesting at that shop was something by "Jitsu Imouto" and it looked like a Rune soft character design. I wanted to buy it but it was 3000 yen. Paper and 3000 yen doesn't mix with me. This coming from a guy who bought a L-R Sugar book for 6000 yen.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. That day's first target shop was the Plus shop. I ignored the PS2 games and went directly to the back cabinet to check out the DVDs and Sega Saturn games. Yes, I am always on the look out for Sister Princess DVDs. Sega Saturn's Radiant Silvergun was at the collectors price of 19700 yen. No way, I had my reservations about buying another "thinking person's" shooter after not being overly excited with Ikaruga. I'm waiting for the Ikarugamania to die down.

After finishing with the Plus shop and the aforementioned Melon Books and blue walled shop, I scooted to the next door Softmap 4. Nothing grabbed me going through the first floor. I make sure to look through the bargain bins between the different sections of new merchandise in that narrow aisle. There was Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance for 4000, but it was on sale in every Sofmap I was in. Plus I didn't finish the Metal Gear Solid on PS in the first place, so I passed. Maybe when its 3000 yen. On the second floor I saw the Gamecube version of Zelda Ocarina of Time 64 Ura. Nabbed it after thinking that no one would take it if I just left it on the display. I didn't want to risk it. I was looking around for more. In the DC section, GigaWing and spineless GigaWing 2 in the high 3000. Pass. No more spineless Radiant Silvergun for 15000. Damn. I had to settle for more Sega Saturn games. I picked up Street Fighter Pocket Fighter and Dead or Alive and proceeded to the checkout. The guy at the counter reminded me that if I get a third game for the same console system, the third game is 100 percent off. Why didn't he just say free, I wondered. I felt that he wanted to say free. So I picked up Sonic Wings Special, which messed up the total. I also used my 5% coupon there. After that, I proceeded to the 3rd floor, saw Hiromi Sato's new CD and decided to buy that with the rupee points I had collected. But I saw Rune soft's Little Monica Monogatari CD soundtrack and I had to buy that too. Rupee points used, still out 3000 yen.

Time was getting short and I had to go to the Retro game Revival, Tora no ana shop, and Softmap Zaurus. I had to forgo the Big Tiger. Retro game Revival had nothing new in the case, but Tenchi wo Kurae had its obi, but at the same price. WTF?!?! Time was short so I didn't try to look for more Sega Saturn crap. I also didn't go to the second floor. Tora no ana was pretty much the same. I couldn't find any shooting games and I couldn't find anything that wasn't naughty. There was no more Sugar doujinshi section, and the Kokoro Toshokan doujinshi was all ecchi, so I said fuck it.

I ran part of the way to Softmap Zaurus. My first stop inside was the new bargain bins. Nothing. I headed up to the used floor, 6th story. I ran in to Circus Northern's Amusement Box 2, which I had to have. I am still a D.C. fan. I think the order in which I play the games should be Amusement Box 2, then Amusement Box 3. In any case, I had something in hand and I think I was in the mood to buy some more. I noticed at every place I was looking for Aniyome that the price was at 4500 yen or higher. Damn. So I was thinking that I should forgo the wait and grab those used titles at the 3000-3500 yen price range. Haru Machi Kagerou was one. Shinobi PS2 was another. And I had to grab a DVD. Sister Princess 4. I wasn't looking to buy the regular DVD, but I chanced upon a "kizu" (scratched) used version for about 2200. When I got home I checked it but it wasn't scratched at all, so I wonder why it was marked as such? In any case I bought lots at that floor and I was lugging the blue-and-white mark of shame all the way home.

Total damage: 26366 yen.

So what have we to learn about shopping sprees and the hoarding of games? Maybe I shop too often. But my wants are insatiable.

Game listing up

Remember to be creative!!!!

Gaming has been such tease in my free time. I had a rash of shooting gaming goodness, mostly left over from Kioh-gyoku. And then I joined up some gaming forums, and Ever the effervescent piyo. I wrote some screeds on my impressions on the latest shmup darling, Ikaruga. Because you know, I actually bought the game. I should copy down what I wrote over to my personal site, because I might forget. It was a pretty long post.

Speaking of posting. I have the habit of setting the color style of my posts to orange. I wonder if people mind.

I still have a backlog of games to go over. Let's see, Rez, Wonder Zone, Rachet and Clank, other PS2 games. Oh yeah, I have to finish Sister Princess. I bet if I clean my room I'll find more games to get through. Sickening. Oh I forgot I have PC games I have to get through. Galaxy Angel, No One Lives Forever, etc. First I think I have to save the game data for later.

And there's still more I want to buy. It seems I buy out of reflex. Um, lets see, okay here's my NEW wanted list:

DoA Extreme Beach Volleyball XBOX-jp
8000 this weekend
Devil May Cry 2 PS2-jp 6000 next weekend
Unreal 2 PC-us 9000
February 4
Final Fantasy X-2 PS2-jp 7000
Gameboy Advanced SP GBASP
Shin-Sangoku Musou 3 PS2-jp
GameCube GameBoy Adaptor GC-jp
Sister Princess 2 PS-jp
Metroid GC-jp ?

As far as OLD games are concerned... I'm buying shooters first. Looking for these all ages games:


Raidant Silvergun SS-jp 20000u
DoDonPachi SS-jp 4000u


Dungeons and Dragons Collection SS-jp 12000u
Final Fight Revenge SS-jp 10000u
Zelda: Kaze no Takuto GC-jp 4500u
Super Smash Bros Melee GC-jp 3500u
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance PS2-jp 5000u
Kingdom Hearts PS2-jp 5000u

Oops, gotta get back to work.
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