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2003-02-04 Tue

A gaming strain

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A gaming strain

I really did go on a four-day shopping spree, and my bank account shows the strain. I wasn't planning on buying anything honest! But I have a habit of going to Nipponbashi, especially when I am ... depressed. I think I was depressed because I wasn't getting anything done, with my life or with my work. All I could think about was games, not even playing them, just collecting them. Hahahaha. What a loser. How am I going to get rid of these games anyway?

So let's start with Saturday. That day I was trying to motivate myself to go to work to make up for the time I was goofing off. Yes, the same way I'm doing now. But playing Kioh-Gyoku for a couple of hours made me forget the guilt. Oops. So it was already 1600 and I needed to go somewhere, anywhere.

I finally get to the Sofmap Kobe. I bet you all of those people remember my face. I was intending to find the Hatsukoi another fan book if there was one, and also get a joystick for my PS/PC/GC. I did get those, and I also found Pia Carrot 3 (PC), Piyona Pikona (PC) (Rune game) and Project Minverva (PS2-jp). I am still a devout follower of the Norika experience. Ahaha. I got home and proceeded to wait for my hands to warm up so I could play a shmup. Kioh-gyoku + new Hori Compact joystick. It took a while to get used to the controls, but I was hanging soon enough. In fact, I was controlling better than I was before. Nice, and I got to the last levels. I am able to keep up with that lil' som-bitch of a boss. Ahahaha. Still can't beat it though.

Total damage: 19215 yen, but about 1/3 was non-game things. Yeah, I'm still sane.

So I feeling fine, and I wanted to go to Nipponbashi. Sunday's weather was clear and I was feeling fine so I left in the morning. I was only about 45 minutes late for shop opening. I made my first mistake of buying at some no name shop that was on the way from Daikokucho station to Sofmap 4. You know, that 1st floor PC adult game shop. Somehow I'm should never buy from there unless I check out Plus shop. Dang. I wasn't thinking then. I paid 1500 yen more for a game than I should have. Anyway, the games I got were some Rune game ("box collection") and a Ripe game Penciler Kana.

Plus shop was next. I was intending to buy Pita Ten 1 to sample it. Luckily it was only 2000. Unluckily (unfortunately?), when I got home, I opened it and it smelled of cigarette smoke. Damn, what kinda environment did it come from? Other than that, I saw Utada Hikaru DVDs for only 1500 yen, so snagged UH2 and UH3. Went upstairs and lo-and-behold, that Rune game I just bought was priced at 1900 (cardboard) and 2500 (wood). Dang dang dang. I'm going to kick my ass. I couldn't find that first made Ripe game, "sui-to jemini" at all. No way I'm going to spend 5000 yen at the Kobe shop on it after just being ripped off at that other store. So I'm going to wait for it. Also I was checking out Nonfiction and other Rune games. I think I got them all by the way. Nonfiction was holding steady at 4000 yen. I think I better check Sofmap first, as well.

Melon books had the Yun soundtrack. Yun as you know is part of Shanghai Alice, the shooting game makers, and Yun made some of the music for Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and Kioh-Gyoku. So at 700 yen, it was a no-problem. I couldn't find any other shooting games. I am tempted to buy that Air Raid game, but I don't know, I wasn't yet in the mood to buy it. Next, the store that's underneath Melon Books. I was resisting the temptation to buy anything paper. I can confirm that there was fan book doujinshi made by that Rune soft illustrator, Nonosomething something. Piyona Pikona, Secret Sister, and one more comic was there. But no. At 3000 yen each, I wasn't about to buy something that wasn't interactive. Yes I kept telling that to myself. I did buy a Watanabe seisakusho game which looks like a cross between Kanon and Mario Bros. Should be good for a laugh. And also Hoe-hoe all starz Piyoko. I'm still looking for Sugar stuff, the NON-ECCHI KIND GDMIT!

So I'm thinking yeah, I better get my groove on. On the recommendations of that shmupsforum, I bought Strider 1+2 (PS1). Deen's song kept playing in my head. Tales of Destiny. "Yume de aru you ni". Gotta listen to some Deen when I get home.

After looking for more, I went to Retro Game Revival. There on the top most shelf was a relatively cheaper copy of Radiant Silvergun. Uh. 12800 yen. I thought about it, looked at the cabinet sticker and said, hey it says that games on the top cabinet are 13% off. I was short on funds so I high-tailed it to AM/PM and took out some money. Oh yeah, but the shop guy said "muri!" when I asked him about the discount. Lil' som-bitch. Anyway, I was feeling pretty proud walking out of there with RSG, w/obi! No, actually, I was feeling that I should be spending less money... Well, after a 4 day shopping spree I should be set for another 2 weeks at least. A month gosh darn it?!?! Happy happy joy joy. I have finally accomplished what I have been planning for a long while, what like 3 weeks?

So I turned my attention to the north. Nothing in Tora-no-ana or Big Tiger caught my eye. I had my big catch of the day and I wasn't about to top it by finding a 500 yen game. So I looked for DVDs. I went near Yanigawa software to look for something different, like Sister Princess 6 DVD. Expensive. Sofmap Zaurus Used floor is where I made the second mistake of the day. Yes I did find SisPrin 6, but for 4000 used. And I bought it. I also checked out the used whole-set price, and it was 26000 for all 9 dvds without figurines. That's 2888 yen per DVD. I should calculate how much I'm getting them one by one. One last thing was I got the demo for Aniyome... Um. Like only 350 yen so not a problem. Also there was a least 3 sets of that Zelda 64 ura for GC. Not a problem if someone wants to get it.

Since it was still midday, I had time to check out the Super Potato North. What happened between Big Tiger and Super Potato I don't know. But Super Potato North had some interesting DVDs on their second floor. I was kicking myself when I saw that SisPrin 6 was going for 3000. Damn you. Damn your impatient ways. How should I proceed? If I want DVDs, then I should check Super Potato North then Plus shop, then on the way back check out Sofmap 4 and Zaurus? Or should I keep my South-to-North course?

Total damage: 35364 yen, 25% DVDs, almost 50% all-gamers games, 20% h-game. About 2500 yen could have been saved if I shopped harder. Damn it damn it damn it.

Oh yeah, I want to know if there's a Messe-Sanoh there. There was a guy that had the bag walking around. It was the same feeling as the other guys that had the CM 63 Nekoneko Soft bag. "How did you get that?" I'll look it up.

Next up is Unreal II (PC-us). Due to the reviews and the lack of hardware, I'm just going to buy this game when it comes out in Japan. There's the Japanese Manual only version due out by Cyberfront. Um, I wonder how the box will be. I did go over what other games I wanted in my last log, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance, Sister Princess 2,Dungeons & Dragons Collection, the last Rune game (Nyante Shaton), the two missing Ripe games (Nonfictionand "sui-to jemini"). I also wanted Tempest and Giga Wing shooting, Xmen vs Street Fighter cartridge with 4 MB cart. Kingdom Hearts. Devil May Cry 2 "Oni to odorou". A ha hah, Aniyome with Kitato Minami (read?) Damn that's a lot. Didn't I also want to get Piano 1, 2 DVD w/Ayako Kawasumi?

As far as I'm concerned, nothing is pending that I might miss. Sentou yousei Yuki-kaze and Midori Karashima have releases coming up. I need to renew my Midori Karashima membership. I need to reserve Sister Princess 2, but where?

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