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2003-11-26 Wed

Disappointing demo, Mario Kart Double Dash

2003-11-22 Sat

Ikaruga best score, time to edit posts

2003-11-18 Tue

Back in Japan, Games-Japan Festa Osaka 2003

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Disappointing demo, Mario Kart Double Dash

Now playing:
  • Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (PS2-jp, visual novel love adventure)
  • Ikaruga (GC-jp, black and white absorption shooting)
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash (GC-jp, Mario Kart-like sequel)
Well I finally finished Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Wow what a great story. My favorite stories were Akane 2 and Ayu. Mizuki Normal end is also a special mention. Of course the Haruka Normal end was pretty good. I hated some of the other endings: Manami Normal (which actually feels like a bad end to me) and Fumio Bad. Well the good outweighs the bad and I'm happy. Now what will I do? I guess I'll watch the anime and get the drama CDs and the soundtrack and...

I went to a party on the weekend and I brought along my Gamecube-based Panasonic Q. It's so heavy and I tarnished the part above LCD while handling it. Sucks. In any case I brought Ikaruga for show. I also bought on the same day Mario Kart: Double Dash, one regular orange control, one more wireless controller, and another pad so the Gamecube could function as a party machine. W00t. Is it sad I didn't have those extra things or is it sad that I had to buy them for people to enjoy the GC?

I demo'd Ikaruga to this lady I met. She said she drew artwork so I showed her the gallery first before the rest of the game. She said cool. Then I showed her my gaming skill or lack thereof. I used continues just to show that the rest of the game that I couldn't reach on one credit was a wonderous gaming feast. She said impressive. But heck I don't know if it was the beer or the lack of other people to talk to... Disappointing I couldn't keep it going past Chapter 3-2. Ah well, I showed the Ikaruga to the host as well and he wanted more, "It's not complex." Score, mission accomplished. Somewhat. Wait what did he mean by that?!?

Actually I took out the Mario Kart: Double Dash before the Ikaruga session. Most of the people there weren't the gaming kind so it was hard to find a fourth player. But finally the young part of the group (20 year olds) joined us. They school'd me and that lady I subjected the Ikaruga on (ugh what dumb syntax). How did they know how to get the initial speed burst?

Ikaruga best score, time to edit posts

Now playing:
  • Kimi ga nozomu eien (PS2-jp, love story visual novel)
  • Ikaruga (GC-jp, performance shmupping)
  • Shikigami no Shiro II (GC-jp, 8x shmup)
I recently bragged to a friend of mine that Ikaruga is a gamers's game. So he's willing to see some Ikaruga, now. Oops. I am no skills player, and I play with every 2,000,000 extend. Hahahaha. But I was practicing yesterday and I got 13.8 million on normal, which bests all my scores to date. Funny how pressure brings out the good in you.

I am desperately trying to finish Kiminozo. But this last heroine is not very interesting. Ugh. Ugh.

More gaming blog from the editor of slashdot games, "Simoniker". This guy is pretty interesting.

I go a bit overboard when posting. Take for example my review of a Shikigami no Shiro II mook, complete with spoiler-hiding format. I think I was editting that thing for maybe an hour or so. Geez.

Back in Japan, Games-Japan Festa Osaka 2003

Now playing:
  • Kimi ga nozomu eien (PS2-jp, love story visual novel)
  • Ikaruga (GC-jp, performance shmupping)
  • Shikigami no Shiro II (GC-jp, 8x shmup)
Now stacking:
  • Karpura W The Road to Al-De-Baran (Win-jp, doujin side scroll shmup)
  • Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack+ (Audio CD, this soundtrack is revered)
At the beginning of the month I had a business trip to Europe. About the only thing I could think of was.... could I get my hands on the PAL Gamecube version of Ikaruga?!?!?! I didn't buy any games. Really. I didn't have any time to get away from work. I thought of sending Dr. Ian a postcard and a plea for help, but Europe is bigger than I thought. (That's a joke, okay.) I did bring with me the Ikaruga music ripped by Mr. Monkeyman, so I wouldn't get too homesick. Nice to wake up in a foreign town with "Faith" (Chapter 3) bootin' ya up for another day. I swear the first 1:20 minutes of that track fits my get up-shower-shave(ouch!)-dress-out the door routine. I was disappointed, no Ikaruga PAL for me.

I finally completed all the main heroines' story arc for Kimi ga nozomu eien. I think that makes about 80% of the game complete for me. Haruka's story up to end was really a tear-jerker. I finished the Mizuki good and bad ends, as well as the Manami normal end and Manami "pure love" end. One wierd thing with the bad ends, they are really dark. Even Manami normal end is like... what is that Stephen King story where a fanatical middle age woman traps her favorite story writer in her house... I just didn't bother reading the story after that. So what do I have left? I guess I have the Tamano-san happy and bad end and other bad ends to go through. I googled for a guide, but all I could get was the "DVD specification" which is the PC-ecchi version, and the Dreamcast version. Nobody was giving out a PS2 version guide. Ugh. You mean I have to clean up the rest of this by myself? Next game please...

Something non-game related but helps me out with my game purchases: I bought a Sony Clie TJ-25. The "flamenco pink" one. It goes with my "rose pink" digital camera, a Fujifilm FinePix 50i, which I dub my "sakura" camera. Oh yeah. Now I will be carrying pictures of my family and my games with me, like this one, ha ha.

Ikaruga VS Yars Revenge

Did all y'all see the doubleplay (two handed one person) shmup plays for Ikaruga? Download them now!  Skills skills skills!

I went to the Games-Japan Festal in Osaka 2003 (thanks to Insert Credit B. Sheffield for the heads up) which was somewhat interesting, if you can call a room a quarter-size of a football field full of standup console demos and game players of all ages, interesting. Games that would come out in the next three months were highlighted. Sorry no pictures. No booths but booth babes were there, again with the Shadow Hearts II thing. Please. If you're going to bring dolls out, at least keep it to a life size Crash Bandicoot. Mind you this time there wasn't much camera-kouzo going on, and yes, it was more like a kids atmosphere. No daunting XBOX displays with wonderous booth babes only Microsoft's unlimited marketing budget can buy. EyeToy games were missing, but there were still people hacking at the screen with that Square-Enix infrared sword-game thingy. I was strangely drawn to the Gamecube version of Finding Nemo. (I am a sucker for CG that looks like anime).

But really nothing interested me to the point of buying except the visual novel games. Have you seen D -> A Black? Falling head over heels with the lass in the black and white maid get-up. Ahem. I just don't seem to have the patience to play those RPG games no more. But I do have the time to read endless streams of Japanese text. Weird. Also from Tonkinhouse, comes Ever 17 -the out of infinity- Premium Edition. I don't get it. Didn't this game come out 2 years ago for the console? Well perhaps they tweaked it when porting it to PC, then wanted to re-release it for the console. Heh. I still want to play it even if I haven't picked it up... Really really low priority, though.

Well, I did stand behind the dudes playing Street Fighter II Aniversairy Edition for quite a while. I am definately going to buy this game just on nostalgia. Well, the set with extras in it. Seeing those chumps with their Ken short kick--short kick--throw really did take me back to my pizza parlor. Even in 2003 people still pick Ken and Ryu. Some things really never change.

And I did stand behind the guys playing deathmatch Halo for quite a while. There were two guys schooling the other two guys. I remembered how I used to play Unreal Tournament for fun. I haven't booted my UT recently... except for the time last July when I wanted to test my ADSL connection. Heh. Fun. Still I won't buy an XBox until it gets smaller. I swear. Yes I know it is going down in price in two or three days. I don't care. XBox is a monster black brick, now with designer skins. Ugh. And now that I have Shikigami no Shiro II for the Gamecube, why would I want to play the Shikigami no Shiro Evolution on the Xbox? Well there's always Dead or Alive 3. Fighters appeal to the response shmupper in me.

And I did stare at the Mario Party ... what is 5 now? Right next to it was Mario Kart Double Dash. The ever-present Star World course was rainbow brilliant. I am mesmerized, hypnotized and like looking at the pastel pretty colors. No, I don't have the urge to buy it now. I think Sofmap will be selling this game soon for 3000 yen, my price point. Yeah. What is up with Nintendo's games getting 9s and 10s in Weekly Famitsu anyway? Are they in bed with Nintendo? Is it Japanese pride for a company that has been entertainment for generations of Japanese since the 19th century? Yes I grew up as a (video game) Nintendo kid but the rehashing of the same characters over and over get really tiring. I wasn't there when Link or Mario went 3d, I came to the party late with Super Mario Sunshine. Would be fair to ask Nintendo to make a game like Ikaruga? Heck they get most of the gamers' dollars, they should take some risks by bringing some innovative games. Conkers' Bad Fur Day? Heh don't make me laugh. Okay I got myself... Made in Wario.

Well I was in and out of there in 1 hour, you folks didn't miss a thing.

On the way home I bumped into Karpura W, a cute doujin shmup side scroller with interesting voice actresses... maybe. "Gomennasai!" Extra stress on the "i". Kawaii. And I also bumped into a Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack+. You know, Retro Game Revival's corner filled with soundtracks. 7000 yen. In the back of my mind I was thinking... Is this fake? I bet there is a counterfeit operation going on. But I bought it anyway. I said no to the Radiant Silvergun single in the same shop, and I didn't regret it then. Now I have the Soundtrack CD, I regret letting that single fish get away. Heh. I am a stupid collector.

Over at the Shumps forum I raved about the announcement that Shikigami no Shiro II is getting the same treatment as Ikaruga. Media & Creative System Corp. is going to make a Appreciate DVD for the arcade version. And then a post in the thread I created alerted me to the insert DVD in a Shikigami no Shiro II mook. T3-CYR-WIZ strikes again!

Also I said about Shikigami no Shiro II: Too bad the music is not memorable. Well I just ordered the Soundtrack, oh yeah. I am a tool.

Well this post is long enough. Ya like?
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