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2004-06-28 Mon

Xbox connected, Angelic voices

2004-06-26 Sat

Sniping raptors, a waiting Xbox

2004-06-24 Thu

No-cd, pancake

2004-06-23 Wed

Borrowing a XBox

2004-06-22 Tue

The secret to my onslaught.

2004-06-16 Wed


2004-06-07 Mon

Round two: Ikaruga Double Play

Squeezing fun out of a shrink-wrapped mothball.

2004-06-01 Tue

Secrets and clay pigeons

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Xbox connected, Angelic voices

Recently playing:
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (WinPC-us, No more Rocket Arena for me)
  • Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox-jp, Kasumi costume 2 is very very sexy)
  • Angelic Concert (Xbox-jp, The voices are the key here)
Connecting the XBox was a snap, but really this thing is too bulky. I had a hard time getting the games I own for it out. I think I have 5 full Sofmap bags of unplayed or unfinished games. Then I remember that that is my "stacked collection".

My buddy gave me a couple of other games, such as Otogi, Air Force Delta, Silent Hill, but I don't like those games. They are wrapped up just waiting for me to return them.

I needed to motivate myself to actually start the thing, so I bought a read-em-up for the XBox called Angelic Concert (review in english). Actually it also came out on the PS2-jp, but I missed it. Well I don't usually like "medieval" scenarios. It stars Yui Horie, Yukari Tamura, Miyuki Sawashiro, which was a big plus. Also I decided to get the omake version because of the drama CD. Too bad I'm not using the S-Video output, because the blue on white text kills my eyes. Alsothe male side characters don't have voices, which actually to me is annoying now. Hm. Character design is not very moe-moe, so I'm having a hard time accepting it. It's not a typical gal-get game, but more like a love romance adventure. I'm not sure yet so give me some time to get it.

Sniping raptors, a waiting Xbox

Recently playing:
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (WinPC-us, No more Rocket Arena for me)
I just realized that the rocket launcher are very ineffective to the way I play UT2004 Onslaught. I usually take out vehicle and PowerNode targets from long distances, which means the big three: Shock Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Lightning Rifle. I rarely engage in 1 on 1, because taking over PowerNodes are rarely done by individual players, but by a group or with vehicles. At the same time, though, I rarely feel there is a group effort to actual take a PowerNode when I am on offense. When I want attack something, I go and do it. If there is someone else there, I join their effort. Usually. Heh.

Ever play ONS-Torlan "Phoenix Paradise" (thumbs up review, thumbs down review)? I think there are at least 12 Target Painters weapons on the map. It brings the taste of Excessive Overkill to Onslaught maniacs. The dominating team can change too quickly. And you better find your vehicle quickly because you're a sitting duck to heavy artillery and vehicles. At least tttokyo server has it.

Well, I got the Xbox with many many games. Borrowing it now. One of the games is Pantzer Dragoon Orta, w00t. But then I went to look for interesting games in the used section, but there wasn't any really I wanted to try. Actually right now I'm in a general gaming slump right now, not feeling very adventurous right now. Okay, I was looking for Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller and Murakumo. This is aside from the games I already bought beforehand: DoA 3, Gun Valkyrie, Shikigami no Shiro. Now I told my gaming buddy that I want to try it for 3 weeks, but he was offering it for 2 months. Whoa. Well it's good thing to have multiple systems. The Xbox is waiting in the corner of my room.

No-cd, pancake

Recently playing:
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (WinPC-us, Ridin' the manta, sir!)
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (WinPC-eu, Impressive stunt, can you do it in reverse?)
Since I lent my copy of POP:Sands of Time I couldn't play my installed copy. At least not without a no-cd crack. Now you can argue that I shouldn't be trying to play it. Yes, gamers are a bunch of impatient, inconsiderate cousumers. But in any case I found a no-cd crack and I am progressing. Actually, I can't wait to see the reaction of my lending buddy about the game.

And you can't tear me away from UT2004. I play on the "tttokyo" Onslaught server. I think I am getting better with the Manta, I got my first ''pancake" yesterday.

Oh yeah, I forgot to purchase Espalugda. Actually I haven't felt like playing this game, it concentrates on scoring more than twitch. It doesn't help that I don't like Cave games. The color of the bullets are an assault on the eyes.

Borrowing a XBox

A friend said he was bored with the games he was playing. He off-handedly remarked that he wasn't using his XBox and that he was somewhat in a bored stupor as of late. And I candidly asked if I could borrow it. Score!

And then I finally found my Prince of Persia: Sands of Time game for WinPC. Wow wow wow! After turning up the resolution to XGA the game mezmorized me with its brilliant visuals. Save points are few but the "visions" and the ''Done" are killer cool. Everything about the first hour ot this game is brilliant. Actually I had a problem with installing the game, but other that that and not needing to install a patch "it comes perfect out of the box", we got ourselves a winner here. So what do I decide to do? I will lend the same stupor friend this game for the XBox. Because this is a diamond in the rough and may reinvigorate my friend's gaming obsession.

The secret to my onslaught.

Recently playing:
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (WinPC-us, Sniping like there's no tomorrow.)
UT2004 just is so much fun. I probably get most of my kicks from using the shock rifle to take out cannon fodder. the sniper rifle and the lighting gun are also my favorite close combat weapons, despite their long-range uses. Ahahaha, there goes another 3 hours.

I completed all the new content in D.C. P.S. so I'm calling it quits. This after slogging through the Nemu scenario and being fed up with the Sakura scenario. The final gal was Kasumi, with a forgetable story. Now time to watch the anime version. I got all the DVDs. You know I've thinking that I should break out another read-em-up like Air. Maybe if I can find it.

I've been reading more game review sites, like some site called Metacritics or something. Mario & Donkey Kong is a competent puzzler. Metroid: Zero is a renewal of old love. Reading these meta-sites feels just like using RSS feeds. I can sample many different sources quickly and contrast styles. I am suspicious of those 100 point perfect reviews. Give me reviews in the lower end of the curve. Plus it helps remind me that some games are really just time-wasters.

Oh yeah I forgot that I have Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. This one get tens of reviews with "perfect" scores. Guess I gotta find it in my stack.


Recently playing:
  • D.C. P.S. (PS2-jp, Nii-san mania)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (WinPC-us, I've got the healing feeling)
Lately I've been in the mood to read rather than react, so not much real gaming going on here.

I am still working on the D.C. P.S. game, now on the Nemu scenario. Who comes up with these names anyway? Nemu doesn't sound like a normal Japanese girls name, and the kanji is pretty funky. In any case this will be my third time to read through this scenario, because I played the WinPC version and also read the novel. So what is the scenario about? It's about your adopted sister falling for you. This sets up a rivalry between her and your cousin, who also has a thing  for you, onii-chan. Haha, yet another unrealistic scenario.

I recently cut my left thumb pretty deep. In frustration I threw the culprit, that infernal trash umbrella, away. Ha that shows 'em! So I haven't been playing any console games with a joy pad. I have been playing some UT2004 though. Gotta heal my thumb.

I still visit those doujin soft shops. Still have to sort through the smut as usual. There hasn't been much shmup action recently. I guess you have to see online news (like see Insert Credit's page for details.) You probably heard the next Comic Market is August 13-15, right in the middle short Obon vacation. There will probably be the shmup events then, but all I can think about is attending Ishida Yoko's concert while in Tokyo.

More gaming news? Me, I'm still playing around with my iPod. No portable games for me.

Round two: Ikaruga Double Play

I'm going to do something different here. I'm going to provide a link or two!

I've been recently playing around with my iPod, but this post is not about the iPod, it's about the little hard drive and how I fill it with Ikaruga replays. Like the ones from Vapor Trail Facilities. This wonderful person makes Ikaruga demos with both of his hands, literally. Check out the Chapter 5 Normal "Doubleplay" with the cam-on-hand insets. Hard core. Truly. Grab them while he is still serving them because I think he doesn't serve them forever.

While I'm on the subject of Ikaruga take a look at, which I found while trying to find more doubleplay action. I don't know how long this has been open but it seems like a really fine place to talk about Ikaruga. "Is Ikaruga Art?" You're damn right it is. They also have many replay videos, arcade, prototype, and dot-eater. Even a "change polarity" on the upper right hand corner. Mighty fine.

Squeezing fun out of a shrink-wrapped mothball.

Recently playing:
  • D.C. P.S. (PS2-jp, Miko miko miko miko.)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (WinPC-us, CBP2 and what is a Target Practice Mutator?)
  • Unreal II (WinPC-us, Skaarj can read my mind.)
  • Serious Sam Second Encounter (WinPC-us, Such a satisfying sniper rifle.)
Yes I am late for work. I type these little logs on my palm/clie on the ride into work to clear my mind. Thanks.

I finished the Tamaki scenario and am probably 70% done with the Alice scenario in D.C. P.S. Interesting and yet somewhat unsatisfying. Miko miko miko miko miko. Okay I just had to say it. Did you think I was going to say Nurse as well?

I am still not understanding the subtleties of UT2004 Onslaught. I guess you can't strategize and expect to win just by yourself. You have to have good team players who know when to attack and when to defend. I often am caught up in the wrong area of activity, defending an uninteresting powernode. I guess if you wanna play medic all you want, you can in Onslaught.

I installed Serious Sam Second Encounter for a bit over the weekend. It is annoyingly not fun. Yes I must have had a Doom II streak before but now I can't dodge or double jump, it just feels slow and overwhelming at the same time. Just as fast as I installed it, I uninstalled it. Perhaps I can go sell it or something.

Right next to the Serious Sam Second Encounter box was the Unreal II box I haven't yet opened. So I installed it and proceeded to be bored by the cinematics. Then I finally get to the action part and I am yet again underwhelmed with the gratuitous slowness. No dodge, no double jump. And if I see another mutilated human body, I am going to scream "crates!". I am keeping this on my hard drive just because I am a Unreal engine fan. That must be the only saving grace for this game.

Still the trip to Europe, nothing to stop that. I am still prepping.

Secrets and clay pigeons

Recently playing:
  • D.C. P.S. (PS2-jp, Use saves to backtrack to different scenario branches.)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (WinPC-us, CBP2 and what is a Target Practice Mutator?)
An interesting story for D.C. I was able to finish the Kotori scenario and go back to the save game targetting Kudo. Kudo scenario is heart warmingly strange at this point. The main character has troubles dealing with his feelings for someone he assumes is a guy.  This part isn't really a game. I'm reading a scenario. So no, I'm not wanted this main character to be acchi-kei. In any case, this is another love story about ignoring what other people are saying.

I downloaded the Community Bonus Pack 2 for Unreal Tournament 2004, this time the UMOD because I am one of those infernal Windows users. So what is this Target Practice mutator for? It doesn't update the stats it's supposed to be tracking. Maybe I'm supposed to be yelling "pull"? Now that I am not staring at the UT screen I think I understand. I just didn't play with clay pigeons when I was a kid, okay?

I finished the Kudo scenario which was also pretty good but as far as the Da Capo plot twist is concerned, it was a little thought-provoking. Would you be able to keep your relationship with a classmate a secret from everybody? I would probably go crazy. Could you let go of somebody because being close to them may risk driving them away? Okay. I think I need to read some English before I compose any more sentences about this.

I actually looked up the name of the voice actress for Kudou Kanae and I think I got it right this time. It's Miyuki Sawashiro ((݂䂫)), the same person who was Iina in Kokoro Toshokan and Mint in Galaxy Angel. I never noticed! Well you know how anime voice actresses play young boys? And it's not like I was watching anime for the guys. Ha ha ha. Har.

I am readying my laptops (with games) for my trip. And I got my iPod, a 40GB one and I spruced it up with all the extras like a skin, voice recorder unit, and cables for home, work and travel. And I have some thin Japanese books to keep me company. And I call this light entertainment just in case. Heh.
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