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[Midori Karashima]
From the cover of her latest album, Eternal-One.

Midori KARASHIMA is a mainstream female Japanese pop singer and song writer. She began her career in 1983, worked her way through the song industry as a song writer for people like Mariko Nagai, debuted as a singer-songwriter in 1989, and became a sensation in 1990 with the single "Silent Eve". She writes almost all of her vocals and musical accompaniment, and has dabbled in writing, as well. Though some of her song and album titles are in English, she sings in Japanese.

She holds a special place in my music collection because her music was my introduction to Japanese pop, but more importantly, her emotional lyrics and her exploration of love and life hit close to home. My favorite song is "Half and Half - I, Myself" (Watashi, Jishin).

Fan Club:

I'm member number 8980! I registered 2001/02/28, but sure is expensive!

Biography Information:
M. Karashima during a television interview. "A talented singer popular with women," Tetsuko no Heya interview, Dec. 9.1996 Midori Karashima was born on May 28, 1961 in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan and graduated Nara National Women's University. She debuted in 1989 with the Fun House recording label and then moved to the Toshiba/EMI label in 1994. She has written one book, entitled No Worries Today (Kyou mo Watashi wa Nayamanai.). She has about 26 published singles, about 19 CDs including best and arrangement selections, and two music video works. She tours Japan about one a year during the spring and summer months. She likes the color green (midori)!

Album List:

This list represents most of her song efforts. There are more works documented in Kunishima's page. Titles marked with a smiley icon are titles I own.

Translated Title Special Release
Own? No.
Good Afternoon1990.05Yes!FHCF-1060
Zinc WhiteBest1991.10Yes!FHCF-1147
Night and Day1994.03Yes!FHCF-2152
Silent Eve-Ballad SelectionBest1994.10Yes!FHCF-2183
In Your Eyes1995.02Yes!TOCT-8809
Hello GoodbyeBest1995.03Yes!FHCF-2218
Reasons of Love1996.01Yes!TOCT-9347
Ever GreenBest1998.01Yes!?

This information is not yet complete. I have more albums of hers... ^_^;

Links and more detailed information:

The following links will provide you with more information, fan sites, interviews, etc. on Midori Karashima. All linked pages are in Japanese-language only, so nihongo ga yomeru burauza o tsukatte kudasai!
Official Web Page by MS Artists
There's information for entering Greenfields, the official fan club open to Japanese residents only.
Toshiba EMI and M.K.
M.K.'s current record company.
An informative fan site by Takeo KUNISHIMA
His site has extensive Japanese and English summary of M.K.'s public and private history. Though there are infrequent updates, it still remains a good resource.
An informative fan site by Masamune MIYAKE
He maintains a mailing list discussing M.K. live concert information and sightings.
[Kosaten] M.K. for the single "Intersection" (Kosaten) from the Toshiba EMI site.
February 1998.


I am not anticipating many updates to this page simply because there is plenty of information out there for those who are interested. I just want to register that I support Midori Karashima and look forward to her future works.


Of course, thanks goes out to Midori Karashima, who make such great music. She made my stay in Japan enjoyable. Thanks to Takeo Kunishima who gave me a resource to track down Midori Karashima CD's and events while I was in Japan. I have used his information to double check or fill in my own. Thanks also to Masamune Miyake for providing the forum for discussing the M.K. fan attraction. His link to my bookmarks page motivated me to create a small site.

[Midori Karashima]

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