piyokun :: Pers Wednesday, June 20, 2001 @ 12:18 AM (UTC+0900)
Piyokun's blue blue world!

You've stumbled upon my little home page. I'll update whenever I feel like it, okay?

I work at Mitsubishi Electronic Corporation in Kobe, Japan. Normally I don't p1mp my company, but just recently they gave me a new nametag that illustrates Japan's "internationalization" all too well.

CEC - 2001/06/20

Shown right above the new white nametag is my old gray nametag. I've gotten used to the gray, small one, with my name fully intact. I feel like I'm in kindergarden with the new one, doubly so since my name becomes "C.C". Heh.

Clifford Escobar CAOILE (a.k.a. "CEC", "Piyokun")

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