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[Piyo! Piyo! picture]
(Scan from Viz Comics' english translation of 'Maison Ikkoku'.)

Definition of "Piyo".

This is a small page defining the American English and Japanese usage of the phrases "Piyo," "Piyo Piyo," and "Piyo Piyo Piyo!" There are of course, other meanings of "Piyo", but these are usually personal nicknames.

(Definition 1) "Piyo" or "piyo piyo" - An onomatopoetic Japanese phrase piyo piyo suru {ss} which means to make a chirping or cheeping sound. A sound you would normally expect from a small little chickidee.

[Kyouko hanging up a towel. 'Piyo Piyo' is discernable from her apron.] (Definition 2) "Piyo Piyo" - A set phrase imprinted along with a small picture of a chikidee, onto Kyouko's apron. Kyouko is one of the main characters of the celebrated Rumiko Takahashi manga story, 'Maison Ikkoku'. Maison Ikkoku was also an weekly television show, aired in the middle of the 1980's in Japan.

A definition from Sam P Chung (a Maison Ikkoku ML member, 94 May 6 Fri):

"Symbolically, the Piyo Piyo is supposed to symbolize some kind of immaturity or refusal to move on in life..."
Most Maison Ikkoku commentators believe it refers to Kyouko's attitude toward remarrying, after experiencing the death of her "idolized" first husband. At the end of 'Maison Ikkoku', one of her tenants presents her with a new apron, which has new saying.

(Definition 3) "Piyo piyo" - Another Japanese friend of mine told me that it was roughly translatable to the "spring of adolescence", where people are carefree and happy-go-lucky.

[Piyopiyo name] (Definition 4) "Piyo piyo piyo!" - Another chikadee character which is similar to the look of the Takahashi Piyo that adorns a popular line of toys and small "cute" items for adolescent teenagers. It is similiar in "cuteness" and form to Sanrio's Hello Kitty, although they are not from the same company. It is also not as popular as the Sanrio characters, but I was able to find some items in a Chinese store in San Diego. It is readily available in Japan.

[Cute! Piyopiyo!] [Cute! Piyopiyo!]
Scans from the "Piyo" car accessory cover. The car accessory is a porcelain statuette that moves in time with the vibrations of a moving car, just like a "Hawaiian grass-skirt doll".

[Really big Piyo, type 4]
Piyo, so big and so cute, it's scary!
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Piyo Doll - 2k JPG
Picture of a real life Piyo doll brought to you by Yuri Takahashi {R}

[Pochacco and Piyo running!] (Definition 5) "Piyo" - Pochacco, the yorimichi (street-playing) dog of the Sanrio character group, has a friend named Piyo, probably because of definition 1. Piyo is probably the yellow chikadee in front of Pochacco. "And there's Piyo...one of the Pi-Chan triplets.....(some birdies). Now, it's rumored she likes to talk...but uh, I havn't heard a peep out her yet." (Quoted from Pochacco Invasion web site.)

[ASCII rendering of Piyo!] (Definition 6) "Piyo-kun" - The nickname I like to use on the Internet, although I'm not the only one using "piyo". I started using this nickname after I got rid of "Tenchi-kun". I commonly use it with the ASCII represenation of the Takahashi Piyo.

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