About Easterling Camp

Alas, Favor of Valar has not reached Easterling Camp yet.

Sadly, in Japan MECCG's players/collecters are few.

In Tokyo, tournaments were held once a month by Yanoman
which is a distributer in Japan.
But each time the participants are less than 10.
Alas! Tokyo has population of more than 8 million.
Only 0.000001%of them are playing.

I can't believe this!

Following statesment was updated in 2001.

Since ICE had bunkrupt, Japanese distributer YANOMAN had also stopped selling cards.
It is very difficult to get Japanese boosters and starters even in Japan!
We can hardly find MECCG in shops.

From 2001 Japanese distributer YANOMAN had stopped suporting in Japan.
No more tournaments will be held by YANOMAN.
We have decided to hold Self-tournament. (See Tournament Info.)

We are having very hard time.
But we are going to keep hanging on.
Yes. We are here.

Easterling Camp where Easterlings live.

We know some homepages and players /collecters in Japan.
We will very glad if we could help you.
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