Council of Elrond Rules Clarification 16
By Brian Wong

1. Can a dragon or drake hazard creature reserved on Summons from Long Sleep 
be used to cancel a dragon or drake attack with Dargon-feuds?

*** No, as per the Rumours of Rings/Rolled Down to the Sea ruling that 
"playing a card as if it was in your hand" is different from discarding from 
your hand.

2. My opponent has two companies. One of them stays in Grey Havens. I play 
one hazard: Foul Fumes.
The other company moves from Carn Dûm to Bree: shadowland in sitepath, Foul 
Fumes is in play: GO BACK!  Am I still allowed to play an Assassin on the 
borderhold Bree?

*** No.  When a company is required to return to their site of origin, their 
m/h phase ends.  The only cards that can be played are cards played in 
response to the card/effect that forces them to return, thus no creatures or 
corruption cards.

3. a) Sun and Gates of Morning are in play: the prowess of each Dúnadan is 
+2 or +1?

*** +2

b) Night and Doors of Night are in play: the prowess of each Dúnadan is -2 
or -1?

*** Non-ranger Dunadan are -2 while ranger Dunadan are -1.

4. Can Dark Quarrels cancel a CVCC initiated by an orc only co. just like 
Concealment or Escape could cancel any CVCC?

*** Yes.

5. If a River is played on Company A and Co. A doesn't tap a ranger, is Co. 
A barred from initiating CVCC (do nothing during site phase)?

*** You are correct.

6. On cards like Clear Skies, Abductor, and Escape, may I read for 
"character" also "ally"?

*** Only when the ally is in combat.

7. Alone and Unadvised in case of non-region movement: only corruptionchecks 
for region of depart and region af arrival?

*** Alone and Unadvised forces a corruption check for each region you move 
through regardless of what type of movement you use.  For starter movement, 
make a check for each region symbol appearing in the site path on the site 

8. Can I take prisoners from a company stationary at an Under-deeps site, 
using that same Under-deeps site as the Rescue Site?

*** No you cannot.  Expect this to be clarified in CRF 16.  Thank you for 
bringing it to our attention.

9. If a minion player uses Ready to His Will, is the resultant ally 
considered to be of the original creature's race or does the ally have no 

*** No race.

10. If an orc lt. is converted to an ally by rthw, is the company 
controlling the orc lt. ally now overt if not already?  Same thing if troll 
haz creature like Buth, Uma or Rog is converted to ally?

*** According to the current CRF 15, no.

11. Ringwraith followers with Black Horses do not get discarded during the 
organization phase the turn they move back to a Darkhaven, right?

*** Right.

12. Just to clarify: Cave Trolls do not make a company overt, right?

*** Right... for now.

13. If influencing away a minion faction, let's say, the Hillmen faction, 
and a hero player reveal the hero manifestation of that faction, which value 
will be used in deciding whether the faction is influenced away: the hero 
value or the minion value? Will the value be reduced to zero similar to 
influencing resouorces of the same alignment?

*** The value will be reduced to zero so which value to use is moot.

14. Is the weakest link method still used during sanctioned tournaments

*** No, it's not used anymore.  A tie is a tie.

15. Does BotIS stop Great Secrets Buried There?

*** It stops a hero/FW player from going through his/her deck.

16. Can I use "A chance meeting" in order to play Fram Framson?

*** Yes.

17. What if a character comes into play at a Ringwraiths site?  Do the 
non-ringwraith characters gain the bonuses of being in the same company as 
the Ringwraith (eg. +2 to corruption checks)?

*** Ringwraiths and non-ringwraith companies at non-darkhavens are never 
joined and may never join at such sites.  The other type of company must 
still attempt to move to another site the following m/h phase of the turn 
they are played at the non-darkhaven site.  If both companies are still 
there at the end of the movement/hazard phase, discard the non-Ringwraith 
company (ie. Roadblock).

18. Does Folco's ability ("You may discard Folco at a Haven to play any 
 >Hobbit from your hand with his company.") override the normal rules about 
 >using only direct influence if your wizard is out, unless the wizard is at 
 >the site, in which case you can use general influence?

*** Yes.  Card text overrides rules in situations of conflict.

19. When facing an assassin, do you have to decide whether or not a 
character is tapping to cancel one of the attacks before the targeted 
character starts facing the attacks?

*** No, you just must decide to tap a character to cancel one of the attacks 
before the strike of that attack is actually being faced.

20. Can Dark Numbers played during the same turn I enter Barad-Dur be used 
satisfy the stolen knowledge requirement of FotIS??

*** Yes.

Brian "No Cheeze" Wong