Greater Item playable

Greater Item

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Automatic Atack
    site name       site type    draw    (kind/strike(s)/prowessj

‚P@Lossadan Cairn      Ruins & Lairs  ‚Q^‚Q Undead   ^‚Q^‚W
‚Q@Carn Dum            Dark-hold      ‚Q^‚R Orcs     ^‚S^‚V
‚R@Mount Gundabad      Shadow-hold    ‚Q^‚R Orcs     ^‚Q^‚W
‚S@Dancing Spire       Ruins & Lairs  ‚R^‚R Dragon   ^‚Q^‚P‚P
‚T@Irerock             Ruins & Lairs  ‚R^‚R Dragon   ^‚P^‚P‚S
‚U@Caves of Ulund      Ruins & Lairs  ‚R^‚R Dragon   ^‚P^‚P‚R
‚V@Gold Hill           Ruins & Lairs  ‚R^‚R Dragon   ^‚P^‚P‚T
‚W@The Lonely Mountain Ruins & Lairs  ‚Q^‚Q Dragon   ^‚P^‚P‚S
‚X@Moria               Shadow-hold    ‚Q^‚R Orcs     ^‚S^‚V
10@Dol Guldur          Dark-hold      ‚Q^‚S Orcs     ^‚R^‚V
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    Troll    ^‚Q^‚W
11@Dead Marshes        Shadow-hold    ‚Q^‚R Undead   ^‚Q^‚W
12@Barad-dur           Dark-hold      ‚R^‚U Orcs     ^‚S^‚V
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    Troll    ^‚R^‚X
13@MinasMorgul         Dark-hold      ‚R^‚S Undead   ^‚R^‚W
14@Shelob's Lair       Shadow-hold    ‚R^‚S Orcs     ^‚Q^‚W
15@Stones              Ruins & Lairs  ‚P^‚P Pukel-men^‚Q^‚X
16@Tolfaras            Ruins & Lairs  ‚Q^‚Q Undead   ^‚R^‚V
                        *Scroll of Ishirudua only
17 Cirith Gorgor        Dark-holds     ‚R^‚T Orcs     ^‚T^‚W
                                              Trolls   ^‚Q^‚P‚O

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