Net Middle Earth
Generic Collectible Card Game

My ICQ number is 51858644.

Note: Time is different on the earth.
New York; Saturday,12:00(noon)=Tokyo; Sunday 2:00(Mid night)
Berlin; Saturday,12:00(noon)=Tokyo; Saturday 20:00(at night)

I can hang around on net on 2nd or 3rd Friday 23:00- Saturday 3:00(Japan Time), or mid night of weekend.

Playing Result

Result 2000-2002
Result 2003
Result 2004
Result 2004-2

Challenge Deck for NetMECCG

A-Stewards of Gondor(Saruman)
B-Release the Prisoners(Alatar)
C-Dwarven Quest(Pallando)
D-Bargain Between Friends(Radagast)
E-Return of the King(Gandalf)

F-Spies and Traitors(Adunaphel)
G-Marauding Brood of Uglies(Dwar)
H-Stealthy Tribe(Hoarmurath)
I-Morgul Rallying Cry(Witch-King)
J-Seducing Nations of Men(Indur)

I have scaned Japanese MECCG card images for NetMECCG.
Click to Download.
These files are in LZH style(i.e.) Japanese ZIP style.
Card Sets File Name File Size Last Modified
The Wizard@Character twcha 419KB 2000.Aug.12
The Wizard@Hazrd twhaz 855KB 2000.Aug.12
The Wizard@Resorce Event twres 720KB 2000.Aug.12
Promo Cards promo 80.6KB 2000.Aug.12

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