Council of Elrond Rules Clarification 14
By Brian Wong


1. King Under the Mountain can only be played if 'his company' defeated the 
attack.  Does that mean that he had to be in the company that defeated the 
attack, or is it legit if Fram kills the dragon solo and then Dain joins him 
the next turn and tries to take all the credit?

*** CRF M/H Phase: If two companies join at a site, cards affecting one of 
the companies now affect them both.

The effect or "glory" of defeating the dragon at-home manifestation, is not 
a card so it cannot affect Dain's company that joins solo Fram.  The 
potential dwarf king must have been in the company that faced the attack.

2. The text on Open to the Summons states that this card can be played in 
lieu of a minor item with a starting company, but then it must be revealed 
when companies are determined as if it was a starting
character.  Does this allow me to play an agent as a starting minion 
character, or just let's me bring the agent in at a darkhaven once I draw 

*** Open to the Summons allows you to play an agent as a starting character. 
   Play Open to the Summons during your character draft as you would a 
character, then play your agent character afterwards like another character. 
   That's two character draft slots for one agent character.

You may also play this card on a minion company and wait to bring in your 
agent character at a Darkhaven from your hand later on in the game.

3. Strider's card text says "Unique. Manifestation of Aragorn II. You may 
bring Aragorn II into play with Strider's company, removing Strider from the 
game and automatically transferring all cards on Strider to Aragorn II. +3 
direct influence against the Rangers of the North faction [...]"

a) Here are my questions about this first effect :  - does the replacement 
have to be done during the organization phase or can it be done during any 
turn phase (untap, movement, site, end of turn) ?

*** The replacement may be done any time during your turn as per the logic 
of A Chance Meeting.

b) Does it count as one in the limit of one character per turn?

*** No, as per the logic of A Chance Meeting.

4. a) Return of the King cannot be played on Strider as it can only be 
played on Aragorn II (even if Strider is a manifestation of Aragorn II), as 
well for all the Aragorn II specific resource card : RIGHT or WRONG?

*** Right.

b) Then, about the second effect "[...]Tap Strider to search your discard 
pile for any one item, ally, or faction playable at his current site-the 
site must be in Arthedain, Cardolan, Rhudaur, or The Shire".  I guess that 
it can be done only during the site phase, not during any other phase : am I 

*** Wrong.  Strider's searching ability can be done anytime during your turn 
that he is "at" one of the appropriate sites.  This means that the only time 
he cannot use his this ability is when he's on route to one of those sites 
(from the moment the new site card is revealed until he enters the site 
during the site phase and faces the automatic attacks if there are any.

I think that such resource card will be played immediately with Strider.  
But a friend of mine think that he can keeps it in its hand or even put it 
back in his deck (???) then reshuffle it ... is it ok or not?

*** The card that Strider searches for does not have to be played 
immediately because it doesn't say so on the card as it does on Dwarven 
Rings.  It goes to your hand for you to do what you will with it.  I don't
know how your friend is reshuffling the card back into his deck but if he 
has the ability that allows him to do so, then it's all good.

5. Does Bane of the Ithil Stone stop Revealed to All Watchers and/or Eyes of 

*** Bane stops Eyes of Mandos but not Revealed to All Watchers.  Drawing 
cards from your play deck is not "search[ing] through or look[ing] at any 
portion of a play deck or a discard pile outside of the normal sequence of 
play".  I'd say that "revealing" is not kosher.

6. The Mouth minion character card's text said : "Return The Mouth to your 
hand when Mouth of Sauron is played".  Is it possible that Mouth of Sauron 
creature attacks a company where The Mouth minion character is in and so 
discard it?  What about playing Mouth of Sauron as a short-event? Does the 
return-to-your-hand effect applies?

*** Whether you play the Mouth of Sauron as an event or creature, it's still 
considered as being "played".

7.  When you halve the hazard limit to retrieve hazards from your sideboard, 
can it go down to 1?

*** Yes.

8.  Can hazard long events be revealed legally as on-guard cards?

*** Hazard long events my be legally revealed from on-guard as long as they 
conform to all on-guard card rules, especially potentially tapping the 
company's site.  Hazard long events do not need to be played and can't be 
played during the long event phase.  All hazards must be played during the 
movement/hazard phase unless the card over-rides it.  Hazard long events are 
just removed during the next long event phase of the resource player that 
the hazard was played on.

9.  When a card such as River or Lost in Free Domains is played which states 
that "it [the company] may do nothing at the site during its site phase," 
does this mean the player can't even play permanent events like,
say, Gates of Morning?  The rationale for the question was that the company 
isn't doing it: it's not a card that uses a character's skill or something a 
character is attempting to play.  However, (and I didn't remember this 
reasoning during the game) I don't think even perm events like Gates would 
be allowed because nothing can be played in the site phase unless the 
company enters the site, and the company can't do this because it "may do 
nothing."  But this wouldn't prevent the player from playing said events 
during the end of turn phase, right?

*** The "company" may do nothing during the site phase.  Nothing stops the 
player from playing cards that don't require the company in any way such as 
Gates of Morning but you can always play that during the end of turn phase 
so it's moot.

10.  Enchanted Stream: played on a moving company, states "the company 
cannot voluntarily split or move to a new site unless it taps all of its 
untapped characters to a max of two during its organization phase. "  Does 
the site the company's currently moving to count as "a new site" and mean, 
therefore that the company's bounced back since they hadn't done the tapping 
during the org phase for this turn?

*** The company is already moving and it doesn't affect them for that 
particular move that they're on.

11.  Can FW Radagast only come in at his home site (Rhosgobel)?  Or is there 
a "Rivendell" equivalent for FWs?

*** FW can only come into play at their home site.

12.  FW characters: can hero characters use minion skill cards and vice 
versa?  E.g. Could Eomer (a warrior) use Bold Thrust?

*** Yes.

13. The MELE rules-book states on p. 76: "There are also certain cards [...] 
your play group may not want to use." One of them is Many sorrows befall. 
How are those "optional" restrictions handled in tournaments ? Are they 
applied or not applied ? Am I allowed to use MSB against a minion player ?

*** Optional rules are not endorsed by the CoE but local tournament 
directors and Councils may always make their own opinions on such matter.  
You may play Many Sorrows Befall on a minion player.

14. Does the target of a Plague have to do the roll too along with the other 
affected characters in his/her company?

*** Yes.  Please also note that the player controlling the character that is 
plagued makes the rolls.

15. Frenzy of Madness states: Playable on a Shadow-hold not in Gorgoroth, 
Udun, Nurn or imlad Morgul.  Can it be played at Under-deep Shadow-holds?

*** Yes.

16. Can a hero company attack a covert minion company, or vice versa?

*** Yes.

17. Also I was wondering if a character can just discard an item vs. storing 

*** No, except for items that can be discarded for certain applicable 
effects like Potion of Prowess.

18. How much kill MPs do minions get from a Wizard eliminated due to CvCC?

*** None.

19. Can a hero company successfully cancel a CvCC attack by  Troll/Orc 
minion company using Dark Quarrels if they have Blackbole in their company?

*** No, because Blackbole is attacking as well and he has no race type that 
matches the ones listed on Dark Quarrels.

20. Do global minion events affect heroes and vice versa?

*** I assume you mean resource events like Clear Skies.  Yes.