Council of Elrond Rules Clarification 15
By Brian Wong


1. Since there is no actual rarity in MEBA, can you use Great Secrets Buried 
There on, let's say Remains of Thangorodrim against a non-Blrog player?

*** No.  The whole idea of requiring you to provide an uncommon under-deep 
site for them to play the hidden item is to provide them with a site that 
they can actually reach from a surface site.

2. Tookish Blood's alternate effect prevents a Hobbit from being discarded, 
right? Assuming Tookish Blood was played, what if Bilbo with the One Ring 
rolls a corruption check equal to his CP total?  Since Bilbo won't be 
discarded, will the One Ring be discarded or will it stay in play?

*** The One Ring will stay in play.

3. I play Spying Out the Land during my org phase, and my opponent reveals a 
Cave-drake, a Cave Worm, and a Covetous Thoughts.  Even though he only 
revealed 1 Cave-Drake to me, can he play multiple Cave-

*** Yes.

4.  My opponent plays a Cave-Drake.  I play Flatter a Foe in response.  He 
reveals Foolish Words in response.  Is there time between the resolution of 
Foolish Words to Marvels Told it before the Flatter begins to Resolve?

*** No.  You cannot target a card that hasn't resolved yet unless it 
specifically cancels that card like Many Sorrows Befall.  Marvels Told is 
not the same.

5. My hazard block has an agent in it.  I also include an agent in the deck 
to potentially be used as a character.  Does it matter which of the two I 
use as an agent depending on which one I draw?  Do I have to be specific 
about which is to be used as which?

*** CRF Agents: "When constructing a ringwraith [or FW] deck, agents are 
always considered characters."  When you play them from your hand, you then 
choose to play them as a character or agent.  To answer your questions 
specifically: no and no.

6.  I play Uvatha the Ringwraith at the Variag Camp to influence the Variags 
in during the same turn.  If my characters happen to be there during the Org 
phase (having moved there last turn), does this override the "cannot be 
included with other characters unless at a Darkhaven" rule?

*** No.  One of the companies must move away.

7. Since I can play Uvatha the Rigwraith at any site in Khand, he is already 
at a non-Darkhaven site.  How does this affect his movement to another 
non-Darkhaven site?  Since he is already out there, is a mode card required? 
  Does he have to go to a Darkhaven before going somewhere else?

*** Ringwraiths may not use region movement as stated in the rules.  He must 
move to a Darkhaven without the need of a mode card before attempting to 
move somewhere else.

8. Suppose I allow Foolish Words to resolve.  Then we move to Flatter a Foe. 
  Can I then interrupt Flatter a Foe to target the now resolved Foolish 
Words before I resolve Flatter a Foe?

*** No.  Once the chain of effects starts resolving, you cannot add more 
cards to the chain or target cards in that chain until they have "all" 
resolved completely.

9. Do creatures played as the 2nd aa at an underdeeps site stay with the 
site until the site is discarded or returned to the location deck or are 
such creatures discarded after the aa is faced?

*** Creatures played as the 2nd auto attack at an under-deeps site are 
always discarded after the attack regardless of whether they were defeated 
or not.

10. Is the rule that forces the discard of a Ringwraith on a body check of 7 
or 8 void when you got a Black Horse or Creature from Other Word?

Quoting a note from LE rule book page 59: "Note: This represents the 
Ringwraith's mount being eliminated."

*** Allies providing modes to Ringwraiths do not supercede the Ringwraith's 
"discard on a body check of 7 or 8" rule.

11. When you exhaust your play deck, does your discard pile immediately 
revert to become your play deck - or can you play cards like "Smoke Rings", 
"Mouth of Sauron" etc. to grab cards from your discard pile first? - this 
could result in cards moving from your discard pile into a formerly empty 
play deck, essentially not exhausting your play deck...

*** Your deck cycles immediately after the last card of your play deck is 

12. If my minion company enters Rivendell, can I play Hounds of Sauron on a 
hero company there even though I cannot attack?

*** No, because if you can't attack the company, then you can't play Hounds 
of Sauron "in lieu of declaring an attack".

13. If I can play Hounds of Sauron, can my opponent play a resource to 
cancel the attack (such as Many Turns and Doublings) even though it is MY 
site phase and the attack is not CVCC?

*** No, because, as you said, it's not Company Versus Company Combat so your 
opponent cannot play resources during your turn to cancel the wolf attack.

14. "Rumour of Wealth": can a Dragon creature be played on a company that 
had previosly played a "Stealth" or "Hiding"?  If not - why not?  Which card 
effect has "priority"?

[Thanks to Nigel Buckle for his answers to questions 14 & 15]:

*** Stealth protects the company for the whole TURN (card text for Stealth: 
No Creature Hazards maybe played on his company this turn). So you couldn't 
PLAY the dragon. Hiding is a little different, you can play the dragon, but 
the attack is automatically cancelled! There's no priority to work out - 
Rumor of Wealth allows you to play an extra hazard creature on a company in 
the site phase if an item is played - but any resource that has resolved and 
has an effect for the whole turn will still apply.

15. "Open to the Summons": is this card required to play an Agent as a 
character? Or just to play an Agent at a Darkhaven (if his/her Home Site is 
not that Darkhaven)? Or would you just use it to get the -1 Mind modifer?

*** You need Open to the Summons to play an agent in your starting company, 
or to play an agent at a Darkhaven. Otherwise you have to play the agent at 
their home site or at Bree.

16. If someone plays Bridge or other card that causes two moves for the 
company can you play more than one corruption card on the same character?  
(One on the first move and one on the second)

*** No.  One corruption card per character per turn, not per movement/hazard 

17. Does Shadow of Mordor effect the hazard limit of the company that you 
just played on? (Since they drew the cards beforehand, not knowing what 
would befall them from drawing so many cards)

*** No.

18. Can I play Earcaraxe with Dragons Desolation at a ruins/lairs site in 
land such as Weather Top?  Doesn't Earcaraxe live in the sea?  I ask because 
Dragons Desolation was published before Earcaraxe (The Dragons expansion) 
does exist.

*** Yes you can.

19. When you play Hey!Come Merry Dol! and you travel subsequently through 
only one wilderness, the card text says it counts as zero wilderness (half 
the number of wildernesse and round down). Does this mean that you have no 
regions in your site path (so, just like travelling in the underdeeps)?

*** There would be no region type but the region names of the region of 
origin and region of destination would still exist along with the site type 
of the new site.

20. If a Call of Home is played and the target character fails the roll, can 
that character still transfer one item even if there is no legal character 
left in the company (i.e., everyone else is wounded)?

*** Yes.  Call of Home item transferring is a different situation than item 
transferring when a character is eliminated by a body check.  It's in the LE 
Companion and card text always over-rides(sp?) the rules when there's a