Pallando the soul-keeper

質問 エージェントに対するPallando the soul-keeperとWithdrawn to Mordorのコンビネーションの効果
「魂の守り手”パルランド”」がプレイに出ているときに、対戦相手の意志が5以下の エージェントを「モルドールへの撤退」を用いてディスカードさせたら、 そのエージェントは除去されるのか? "I play "Pallando the soul-keeper" as permanent event. At some part of the game my oppenent plays an agent with less than 5 mind and I respond by Withdrawn to Mordor and discarding Pallando. Am I right in supposing that the Agent is eliminated?
回答 Chad Martin
除去される。 The agent is eliminated in this case. Minions are cards with a rusted purple background. They can be agents or not. Minion agents can be played as characters or hazards. No matter how they are played, they are still minons.