Will Shaken


Will Shakenは「賢者達は不思議を語り」で無効に出来るのでしょうか?

Corrected Ruling Fileのマーシャリング・ポイント・パイルの項目で、


> > 1)Can Will Shaken be Marvels Told'ed? I sure hope not or > it's a pretty > useless card, and kinda takes away from the whole punch of > it. We played at > the tourney that it couldn't be, but I want to get a ruling for future > sake...I would hope the ruling is that it can't be, cause if > it could, it > kinda guts the whole card. The CRF says under Marshaling Point Pile: キ You may not target hazards in your opponent's marshalling point pile for removal. This only refers to your opponents MP pile, but I think it can be extended to yours as well. Travis Took Librarian of the Great Smials