Worlds' Live Report from Luc Schruers

Friday, Aug 24

Live from Montreal the place to be. The Open Qualifier is still going on and 
it seems that may be up to 21 players will be qualified today in the open.

I played a Dutch sealed deck today with Arco, Wim, Brian Wong, Brian, Tomas 
(from Sweden) a japanes guy (sorry can't remember his name) and Laurent. It 
was fun and I learned that there are people who know all cards by hart. Oh 
brother :-)

Well I am off again but I will update you all tomorrow.


Monday, Aug 27

Hi list,

Brian Wong made it and is the new World Champion. It was close. If he had won 
the last game with 4-2, 3 players would have had 12 points but he won 5-1.

1. Brian Wong 13p
2. Nicolas Dewiere (France) 12p 
3. Joe Bisz 11p
4. Jonathan Yost ?p

I think this was the final standing but I am not 100% sure.

The Country Cup was won by England. The Netherlands and Belgium where tied on 
second place. We had 8 countries playing for the cup.

The North American Championship final is not yet done. The fianlists are:
Jim Monteanus, Josh Grace, Dave Stegman and Andrew Sitte.

I want to thank everyone who helped in creating this wonderfull event and hope 
we can do it again next year in Europe.

Congratulations Brian.

See ya ...