Worlds' Report from Patric Karcher

The hosts did a great job.  The primary organizers were
fantastic, but the whole montreal play-group was helpful
also.  The outside-the-actual-tournament events were
well coordinated also.  All the events and venues (except
for Saturday night) were within walking distance from
the library where the main events were held.  Well planned.

The vast majority of people were hero, though of the
Worlds finalists, 2 were Fallen Wizard and 2 were Balrog.
Hmmmmm.  There were many One Ring decks, too.

Gene did his amazing
Infinate Hazard strategy.  It is still a work in progress, but
it sometimes works, and is incredibly devastating.  Either
to the opponent, or Gene himself.  I think he used it six
times, garnering four 0-6 losses and two 6-0 wins!  And, it's
actually theoretically potentially infinate.  He's says he's
been able to improve it over the weekend, so watch out!

I also played against a couple 'A Short Rest' decks.  The most
masterful was that of Jimmy Chen.  He had some bad luck with
his Minion decks and somehow didn't make it to either finals, but
that deck never lost.  I went against it twice.  The first time, in worlds,
he cycled at the end of the second turn!  (He went first, and only had
4 cards in his play deck when I started my second turn.  He drew them
and cycled before his 3rd turn started.)  He called the council before
I knew what had happened.  He usually doesn't cycle that fast of
course, but usually very quickly.  The second game I was ready for
him and managed to lose by only 4-2.  I was very happy!

I also played Andrew Sitte, who made it to the North American
final four.  My resources worked great, and my hazards seemed
to be slowing him down some, but it was a faction (and item)
steam-roller.  I got 26 points and still lost 5-1.

The greatest part about the weekend was the people I got to
meet, many that I had corresponded with and dealt with and
traded with.  Terrific to meet Arco, Wim, Luc, Akira, Takao,
and so many others who travelled so far.

Others will have more to say I'm sure.