Ian And The Zodiacs
Beechwood 4-5798 / You Can Think Again Oriole CB1849 1963
Just The Little Things / This Won't Happen To Me Fontana TF548 1965
No Money No Honey / Where Were You? Fontana TF708 1966
Wade In The water / Come On Along Girl Fontana TF753 1966
Take Six(with others) Oriole EP7800 1964
This Is Merseybeat Vol.1(with others) Oriole PS40047 1963
The Idle Race [CD List]
Imposters Of Life's Magazin / Sitting In My Tree Liberty LBF15026 1967
Skelton And The Roundabout / Knocking Nails Liberty LBF15054 1968
End Of The Road / The Morning Sun Shine Liberty LBF15101 1968
I Like My toys / The Birthday Liberty LBF15129 1968
Days Of The Broken Arrows / Warm Red Carpet Liberty LBF15218 1969
Come With me / Reminds Me Of You Liberty LBF15242 1969
The Birthday Party Liberty LBS83132 1968
The Idle Race Liberty LBS83221 1969
Frank Ifield
Lucky Devil / Nobody Else But You Columbia DB4399 1960
Happy Go Lucky Me / Unchained Melody Columbia DB4464 1960
Gotta Get A Date / No Love Tonight Columbia DB4496 1960
That's The Way It Goes / Phoebe Snow Columbia DB4568 1961
Life's A Hikiday / Tobacco Road Columbia DB4658 1961
Your Time Will Come / That's The Way It Is Columbia DB4741 1961
Alone Too Long / Bigger Than You Or Me Columbia DB4786 1962
I remember You / I Listen To My Heart Columbia DB4856 1962
Lovesick Blues / She Taught Me How To Yodel Columbia DB4913 1962
The Wayward Wind / I'm Smiling Now Columbia DB4960 1963
Nobody' Darlin' But Mine /
You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
Columbia DB7007 1963
I'm Confessing / Waltzing Matilda Columbia DB7062 1963
Mule Train / One Man's Love Columbia DB7131 1963
Don't Blame Me / Say It Isn't So Columbia DB7184 1964
Angry At The Big Oak Tree / (unknown) Columbia DB7263 1964
I Should Care / (unknown) Columbia DB7319 1964
Summer Is Over / (unknown) Columbia DB7355 1964
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / Lonesome Number One Columbia DB7520 1965
Paradise / (unknown) Columbia DB7655 1965
No-one Will Ever Know / I7M Saving All My Love Columbia DB7940 1966
Call Her Your Sweetheart / Give Myself A Party Columbia DB8078 1966
Lucky Devil Columbia SEG8284 1960
Just One More Chance Columbia ESG7897 1961
Funny How Time Slip Away Columbia SEG8385 1964
Love Walked In Columbia SEG8448 1965
Hong Kong Blues Columbia SEG8456 1965
Give Him My Regards Columbia SEG8495 1965
I'll Remember You Columbia SCX3460 1962
Blue Skies Columbia 33SX1588 1963
Portrait In Song Columbia 33SX1723(M)
Up Jumped A Swagman Columbia 33SX1751 1965
The Image
Come To The Party / Never Let Me Go Parlophone R5281 1965
Home Is Anywhere / I Hear Your Voice Again Parlophone R5352 1965
I Can't Stop Myself / Let's Make The Scene Parlophone R5442 1965
The In-Be-Tweens
You Better Run / Evil Witchman Columbia DB8080 1966
The In Crowd
That's How Strong My Love Is / Things She Says Parlophone R5276 1965
Stop Wait A Minute / You're On Your Own Parlophone R5328 1965
Why Must They Critcize / I Don't Mind Parlophone R5364 1965
The Innocents
Stepping Stone / Grazina Columbia DB7098 1963
A Fine Fine Bird / Spanish Holiday Columbia DB7173 1963
Stick With Me Baby / Not More Than Everything Columbia DB7314 1964
The Interns
Don't You Dare / Here There Everywhere Philips BF1320 1964
Cry To Me / There's Love For You Philips BF1345 1964
Is It really What You Want / Just Like Me Parlophone R5479 1966
Ray Of Sunshine / Please Say Something Nice Parlophone R5586 1967
The Ivy League [Link]
What More Do You Want / Wait A Minute Piccadilly 7N35200 1964
Funy How Love Can Be / Lonely Room Piccadilly 7N35222 1965
That's Why I'm Crying / A Girl Like You Piccadilly 7N35228 1965
Tossing And Turning / Graduation Day Piccadilly 7N35251 1965
Our Love Is Slipping Away /
I Could Make You Fall In Love
Piccadilly 7N35267 1965
Running Riund In Circles / Rain Rain Go Away Piccadilly 7N35294 1966
Willow Tree / One Day Piccadilly 7N35326 1966
My World Fell Down / When You're Young Piccadilly 7N35348 1966
Four And Twenty Hours / Arrividerci Baby Piccadilly 7N35365 1967
Suddenly Things / Tomorrow Is Another Day Piccadilly 7N35397 1967
Thank You For Loving Me /
In The Not Too Distant Future
Pye 7N17386 1967
Funny How Love Can Be Piccadilly NEP34038 1965
Tossing And Turning Piccadilly NEP34042 1965
The Holly And The Ivy League Piccadilly NEP34046 1965
Our Love Is Slipping Away Piccadilly NEP34048 1968
This Is The Ivy League Piccadilly NPL38015 1965

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