river course
Snow shoe Tour

When there are \5500 - one participant, a 7000 yen < Satsunai dam course is 7500 yen >.
lunch is of-special-make launch ! / warm tea, and with coffee)
4 hours - a tour

* that it tries to be a snow shoe rental ]
(The Satsunai dam course with a welcome and send-off to 2,000 yen -
the field is improper)
before YH is beautiful --- [!! ]
The rental to a family is also possible (more than a schoolchild).
Please bring wear, shoes, a glove, etc. with you each one! <Click>
whose rental is also possible in part

(It is [ in detail and ] -- in the time under an inquiry!)


Course introduction
( with free selection of a course)

(1) Course

Tour which walks along the depth of the mountain in Hidaka, and which froze over
toward the upstream of a river, and turns,
Scenery of the mountains in back Hidaka can also be desired

(2) Yachiyo View Course
A pasture observatory is aimed at!
If the weather is good, the mountain of the University of Tokyo snow and the mountai
n in long distance Akan can also be overlooked.
(There is Kimichi's fence and it does not waver in along the course
which is rental snow shoe 0K course)

Please bring with you in wear, shoes, glove etc., etc. a snow shoe user!

By the weather etc., please be improper and a scheduled change should forgive after