The Arashiyama skiing area information
From <YH, it is a car and is 10 minute >.

It is to a skiing slope at 30 minutes from a Obihiro airport!

It goes to a skiing slope direct from meeting and an airport to an airfield!

Pick-up to a skiing area!


Skiing / pack

With YH(two overnight stay)+ skiing area one-day ticket 8500 yen

area which can surely carry out skilled [ of the grand scene ] to this opportunity simultaneously.

<It cannot use together> with other discount.

Those who wish [ this plan ] need to inform in advance.

It is > which may not be given a discount and made when there is nothing < advance connection.


The scenery from the summit of the mountain looks afar at the mountain in Akan on the back at the mountain long distance of Hidaka.
It can carry out and a 10 Katsuhei field shows a spread under its view.

Although a course is short, it is the skiing area popular in Tokachi which turns, and equips with and has a course an upper person from for beginners.

It is the car from this youth which the course between woods also has and equips the surroundings of a mountain also with the course of cross-country skiing, and is 10-minute 送迎あ リ.


The waiting-time-less night game skiing of a lift can also be enjoyed.
how day's trip bathing of a storm mountain villa of after-skiing is -- <260 yen>

<Lift cost> 4-hour ticket 2000 yen -

Those with rental skiing

Of course, school relations are also the contents of fullness.