Cycling plan


Please run enduringly.

Rental bicycle \1,500 / one day ( until 3 hours 1000 yen) Insurance cost lump
There is also a plan to send only one way to the destination.

- A course Day Takayama pulse view course
A cyclist also comes.

YH --- 2 minutes --- Naomi Uemura field school --- 25 minutes --- The Yachiyo pasture house --- 25 minutes --- YH

O The setting sun which falls to a mountain ... The mountains in Hidaka look to advantage explicitly in the morning early morning.
O A " house" has a restaurant and a popular volume menu to the hosteler. To the Yachiyo pasture

- B course A flower course
It is good for carrying out field school relaxation.

YH --- 30 minutes --- garden --- 10 minutes --- Kiyokawa White birch of ---
10 minutes -- river --- 30 minutes --- Happy station --- 10 minutes per hour --- YH

It is Genghis Khan's white birch and is stamina . garden

O "garden" ... Many flowers every season at a vast site can be enjoyed.
O "White birch of ... The whole of Hokkaido Island and Genghis Khan's also nationally famous store, and business are to PM(s) 5:00.
But, a store is ended as soon as meat is lost... A busy term is also the thing of 1 hour waiting [ lunchtime / an end and ] by 3:00PM(s) time.. The low charge & taste is with a guarantee!!
O river ... Good point large number, such as a branch of a clear stream "card Uchikawa", and a Rainbow trout!!
O a happy station ... happy from the station of the old Hiroo line, and the country of love -- -- it became famous

Happy station