Fuji Trading was established in 1957. We are now exporting flock and adhesives for flocking or textile printing.

Fuji Trading Limited 5-4-10, Koenji Minami, Suginami, Tokyo, 166-0003 Japan
Tel +81-3-3315-3111 Fax +81-3-3315-3114
Contact : Mr. Akihiko Hata
E-Mail : fujiakihiko@syd.odn.ne.jp

Main Bank : Mizuho Bank/Koenji Branch

We have the following flock for profiles in stock.

  1. Nylon black 1.7 dtex/ 0.5 mm
  2. Nylon black 3.3 dtex/ 0.5 mm
  3. Nylon black 3.3 dtex/ 0.8 mm
We supply precision cut nylon and rayon flock for the automotive and other industries.

Adhesives for flocking
With decades of experiences we can recommend proper adhesives for your products.
We have both dispersion and solvent-based adhesives.

  1. Dispersion adhesive is acrylic, chiefly for automotive ABS and PP parts. For PP we also have primer.
  2. Solvent-based adhesive is urethane for automotive glass-run-channels and weather strips.
We also sell adhesives for flocking on other substrates. For the right adhesive, please ask the expert.

Adhesives for textile printing
We export adhesives to coat the endless rubber belt of textile printing machines.
Water-based adhesives are pressure sensitive and solvent-based heat sensitive.

  1. Water-based adhesive
    Kogum HW-21 For wool printing
    Kogum HW-35 For dye-stuff printing
    Kogum HW-50 For pigment printing
  2. Solvent-based adhesive
    Thermal coat resin TO-90 Sensitive at 45 ℃ or higher
For Thermal coat resin you need a heat cylinder.