Introduction of Starwatching book)         Japanese version
The followings are foreign books of Starwatching;
(1)Paul Couteau  Observing Visual Double Stars  MIT Press 1981
(2)Thomas Webb「Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes」
(3)Admiral Smyth「The Bedford Catalogue」
(4)Bob Argyle「Obseving and Measuring Visual Double Stars」

(5)G R Miczaika and W.M. Sinton「Tools of the Astronomy.」Havard University Press 1961

1 The Nature of Light  2 Photography  3 Telescope Optics
4 Construction of Telescopes 5 Photometry 6 Spectroscopy
7 Instruments of Solar Research 8 Radio Telescope

(6)Sissy Haas:double stars for small telescopes, Sky Publishing
(7)James Mullaney:Double and Multiple Stars, Splinger

(8)Wulff D.Heintz: DOUBLE STARS
(Astrophysics Monographs)

 →book for the city-observer annoyed with light pollution
(10)SKY&TELESCOPE Observer's Guides: THE DEEP SKY
(11)THE Messier objects ,S.J.O'meara, SKY PUBLISHING
 →Sketch of Messier Objects by Genesis 4 inch refractor.
  Recently, Japanese translated edition is published
  from Newton Press
(12)Turn Left at Orion,CONSOLMAGNO&DAVIS, Cambridge
 →Very good guide book for beginner.
(13)Star-Hopping for Backyard Astronomers ,Alan M.MacRobert, SKY PUBLISHING
(14)Messier's Nebulae & Star Clusters,Kenneth Glyn Jones, Cambridge
(15)STARWARE Second Edition ,Philip S.Harrington, John Wiley & Sons
(16)High Resolution Astrophotography,Jean Dragesco, Cambridge
(17)Star Testing Astronomical telescopes,H.R.Suiter, Willmann-Bell
(18)Telescope Optics: Evaluation and Design by Harrie Rutten Willmann-Bell
(19)Star-Hopping ,Garfinkle, Cambridge
(20)The Australian guide to STARGAZING,GREGG D.THOMPSON, Lansdowne
(21)The Quest for Comets,David H.Levy, AVON BOOKS