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  Carl Zeiss APQ100/640 
     Questar 3.5+ Filar Micrometer

   Last update: 8/26/2017(notebook of starwatching)

  Starwatching style    

2.My starwatching equipments.
  Binocular and Camera
  Book of Starwatching
  Alt-azimuth Mount 

3.My report
 ・Optical Quality           ・Report of Starparty(2001)     
 ・Optical Quality(Continuation)    ・Report of Starparty(2002)  
 ・Watching the Antares       Report of Starparty(2003)
 ・On the Resolution Curve for unequal brightness Double Stars
 ・Modulation Transfer Function(MTF)
 ・Public use Astronomical Observatory in Japan
 ・Calibration constant of Filar Micrometer
 ・monocentric eyepiece
 ・Report of Zeiss aficianado Meeting in Yatsugatake
 ・On the Modification of Dawes' Limit
 ・Diffraction pattern of aperture with central obstractionNEW
◆Coming soon reports;
 ・Introduction of Fraunhofer Diffraction (under construction)
 ・Introduction of Apodization (under construction)

4.Notebook of Starwatching
notebook of 2017Update

Past Notebook

5.Link→(Exhibition room of Carl Zeiss Telescope:Mr.T.Suzuki's Website)
       →Remarkable page isOptical test of Telescopes"For example:Test of Refractor)
       Link to the Japanese Website of Double star sketches.